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Wisin & Yandel Set a World Record (En Espanol)
2/23/07 - news / Machete Music press release

"El Duo de la Historia" (History's Duo) Wisin & Yandel have once again made history by establishing a world record in ticket sales as well as in the number of people that visited to view a webcast of their concert. Wisin & Yandel had over 300,000 people visit the Pepsimundo website to view the first ever live reggaeton concert via the internet.

The "Con Pepsi tu tienes el Control" (With Pepsi you have the Control) promotion executed in Peru, consisted of a 6 week period where consumers would find a password on the soda bottles that would enable them to register and view the concert. Consumers were also allowed to vote for the city in which the event would be held. The concerts were held in Trujillo and Lima.

Mirko Astudillo, marketing manager for Pepsi's soft drinks Andean region said the company had executed similar promotions in the past. Their most successful one to date had been a promotion with Colombian super star Juanes, where they registered about 45,000 users. They will be using this model for other promotional opportunities in various South American countries.

Alejandro Gonzalez, general manager of Kandavu Producciones, the promoter in charge of both events in Peru said "it was the first time in history that an artist completely sells out the Jockey Club in Lima, Peru and thousand mores were left outside". 37,000 tickets were sold for the Wisin & Yandel show.

The show also featured 2 members of "Los Vaqueros", Franco el Gorilla and Gadiel. Franco sang his most recent hit "Dame un Kiss" along side with the duo while Gadiel sang "Eléctrica" and "Un Viaje".

After departing Peru, the duo joined reggaetons' biggest star Don Omar for a show in Santiago de Chile's Estadio Nacional in front of 80,000 people. Later on Wisin & Yandel will visit Venezuela and will then head to Spain to shoot the video for "Torres de Babel" with David Bisbal.



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