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Voltio Video "El Mellao" Released
9/12/07 - / Sony BMG Latino release

That impossible to resist urban Latin hit song, “El Mellao,” by Puerto Rican singer/songwriter Julio Ramos “Voltio,” can now be enjoyed as a video!

Today, on the MTV3 network and Yahoo Musica, the video for “El Mellao,” from Voltio’s upcoming new album, En Lo Claro, will have its worldwide premiere. Dominican American video director Marlon Peña, who has worked with some of urban Latin music’s biggest stars, shot the video in Miami in early August.

Voltio’s funny tale of a man without his front teeth, a “mellao,” as he would be called in the artist’s native Puerto Rico, is also a picaresque take on a woman wearing very tight pants. As special guest star, the video features René Pérez, or Residente, of Calle 13 fame.

En Lo Claro, to be released on November 20th, is bound to be another smash for Voltio. The album features 15 brand new songs and some incredible collaborations with Calle 13, Tego Calderón, Jowell & Randy, Arcángel, Pirulo, Cucu Diamantes, and Vivanativa.

The single “El Mellao,” its video and the album En Lo Claro, are all high-voltage propositions from one of the biggest names in urban Latin music today… Voltio.

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