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Tony Dize por Pina Records y Sus Afiliadas
12/21/11 at 2:05 PM - news


Tony Dize picture

According to a press release issued by Pina records, reggaeton recording artist Tony Dize has been sued by the record label for $17.000.000,00. 


Rafy Pina, owner of Pina Records, filed the lawsuit in the Federal Court of Puerto Rico against Tony Feliciano Rivera, better known as Tony Dize.  The suit alleges that Rivera was in breach of contract and other damages.


In the suit, Pina Records alleges that Tony Dize was given ample time to resolve contract and personal issues, but with unsatisfactory results.  The lawsuit further alleges that Tony Dize did not make event appearances that deposits were paid to him for.  Pina Records asserts that Dize was contractually obligated to record the album "La Melodía de Ustedes", yet the project remain uncompleted due to what they consider absences of the artist from recording sessions. 


The lawsuit claims that between April of 2009 and October of 2011, World Management Latino Corp covered personal bills of the artist, which included rent, electricity, telephone, car insurance, and medical insurance to the tune of $70,000 without reimbursement.


Included in the lawsuit are claims by Pina Records that Tony Dize was responsible for the cancellation of promotions in Miami in February of 2010, due to what they claim was the artist being drunk and speaking incoherently.  They further claim that Dize didn't appear for contractually obligated concert appears in Añasco, Bogota, Connecticut, Boston, Santo Domingo, Miami, Guatemala, Lima and Los Angeles.


Pina Records claims that Tony Dize "leaked" several songs online without permission, which resulted in damage to the label's promotional efforts for one of Dize's albums.  The label alleges that Dize distributed three songs online without permission, which included “Termínalo”, “Si me safé” y “Límite de la locura.”


Rafael Pina is represented in this legal process by lawyers Edwin Prado and Roberto Sueiro.  The lawsuit filed alleges a variety of damages and author rights.  The legal filing mentions that any person or organization that engages in business with Tony Dize without the consent of Pina Records and it's affiliates, will be involved with a contract violation, and also subject to lawsuit. 


Click Here to read the full press release in Spanish by Pina Records.


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