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Toby Love Coming to Los Angeles To Promote His New Album

3/17/11 - news / Digital Girl press release


picture of Toby Love

Toby Love is coming to Los Angeles this April to promote his new album titled "La Voz de la Juventud,” which will be released May 10, 2011.  The album's latest single is "Casi Casi."

He’s always been in love with what he does. From the time he was small, Toby Love declared himself a music lover. And within that world of melody and harmony, he was most passionate about the rhythm of bachata.

But passion alone would not be enough if it did not come accompanied by charisma, dedication, and experience. Precisely what characterizes Toby Love, one of popular music’s most important new talents today.

In 2006, this young New York singer/songwriter of Puerto Rican background burst onto the music scene captivating everyone with his debut album, Toby Love. The combination of urban rhythms mixed with tropical elements as interpreted by the artist, quickly earned him a predominant place within the bachata genre.

Influences such as R & B, pop and crunk; the cosmopolitan flavors of the streets of New York; his Puerto Rican heritage; and a close relationship with Dominican music, all came together to give a unique and exclusive sound to each of Toby Love’s musical endeavors.

In just a few months, Toby’s new musical production, La Voz de la Juventud, of which a first single can already be heard, Te Parece Poco, will be released.

Recorded between New York and Miami, and with the collaboration of his long-time producer Eddie Pérez, the fourth album in Toby Love’s discography – Toby Love (2006), Toby Love Reloaded (2007), and Love is Back (2008) – is the most ambitious, demanding and promising of the records of this performer, and Te Parece Poco, an innovation within his style.

“Te Parece Poco is a very sad and beautiful song that was brought to me about a relationship that comes to an end,” says Toby Love from New York, where he resides. “Originally, it was a Colombian vallenato [composed by Luis Carlos Valencia], and we changed it to a bachata R & B, to do something different.”

Since his last album, Toby Love has not stopped recording or trying out new sounds, always looking to go the extra mile. He also devoted himself to touring the world, taking his show to Europe, and Central and South America. During that time, his efforts were also recognized with important nominations and awards.

Three years ago, he received four nominations to the Billboard Latin Music Awards, winning in two categories: Tropical Airplay Song of the Year, New Artist, for his successful song Tengo un Amor, first single of his debut album; and Latin Rap / Hip Hop Album of the Year for Toby Love. Also in 2007, he was invited to be a part of the Univisión TV network’s Premios Juventud awards show, in which he shared the stage with rap star Héctor El Father and famous salsa singer Víctor Manuelle.

Although he dreams about winning music’s most coveted award, the Grammy, Toby Love is very clear on what matters the most to him: “To lead the life of a good person, sharing it with my family. That’s the most important thing.”

La Voz de la Juventud, nevertheless, occupies a very significant place in his heart, he adds, and hopes that not only will it become a hit in sales and bring him awards and even greater recognition, but also take him to new markets, such as Mexico. Thus, one of the songs in this new production is the romantic track Quizás, sang as a duet with Mexican singer Yuridia.

“In this album, I was looking for the sounds of 2013,” explains Toby Love, who includes R & B, merengue, house, crunkchata (an urban version of bachata), ballad and even reggaetón. “Those who know me, know that I am a person who likes to bring things up to a higher level. Among bachata performers, we basically all use the same instruments – guitar, bass, percussion, bongos, and the güira – but what makes me different, are those harmonies that I bring to the music, something that made me stand out in Aventura.”

It was precisely with that internationally renowned group of young bachata performers, all of them growing up together in the same barrio, that Toby Love received his musical education during six years. “Until the time came for me to go out on my own,” says this baseball lover who discovered that he preferred the reaction he elicited from girls when he sang rather than when he was hitting a ball.

“I remember that one day, Anthony [Santos], from Aventura, said to me, ‘Toby, do your music’, because he knew that I did not want to be a backup singer forever,” remembers Toby Love about his exit from the group. “And I knew that I already had the talent and the experience to do whatever I wanted with bachata.”

Born in the Bronx 25 years ago, Toby Love grew up in a home in which music, thanks to his father’s enthusiasm for it (he also shares the same name as his son, Octavio, and the same nickname, Toby) was never missing. One could listen to salsa as well as a ballad, R & B, and Dominican rhythms. Hip hop too was an integral and essential part of his musical upbringing, as well as the influences of Michael Jackson and Juan Luis Guerra.

“I am a guy who loves music but, for me, there’s nothing like bachata, which is like R & B in Spanish. It fascinates me,” explains the singer. “Its rhythms, and that sad, soulful feeling. I fell in love with bachata and with its culture. And I started something different in bachata, which was to bring the R & B voice to the genre.”

With his first hit as a solo artist, Tengo un Amor, Toby Love reached and stayed in the no. 1 position of the Latin music charts for two consecutive months. With his next album, La Voz de la Juventud, the singer/songwriter and musician will become just what the title says: the voice of a young generation that, like him, has fallen in love with bachata.


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