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Toby Love Becomes the Voice of the Youth
4/2/11 - exclusive interview by Dante


Toby Love interview

Toby Love ventured to Los Angeles to promote his new album, "La Voz de la Juventud, slated for a May 2011 release.


Once a backup singer for Aventura, Love earned his industry stripes after releasing several chart-topping singles, and adding two Billboard Latin Music awards to his collection. The urban artist took a break from his schedule to speak with LatinRapper about his new album in this exclusive interview. You're in Los Angeles to promote your new album, what city do you normally call home?


I'm actually from New York.  I was born and raised in the Bronx, New York, so that's my home.  Currently living in like four other places.  Have a house in New Jersey, have  a place in Santo Domingo, have a place in Puerto Rico also.  Those are my homes.


That you have a home in Santo Domingo brings up my next question.  You're Puerto Rican, but a star in a genre from the Dominican Republic, so how did you get into bachata?


Well, I have Dominican family.  I was raised with Dominicans, my moms is actually married to a Dominican.  I was raised around both cultures, the only thing that separates us is water.  We're the same thing, we're all brothers.


I fell in love with Bachata music, because my mom always listened to Bachata music.  Always cleaning up the house, and listening to Bachata music.  Just like she listened to Merengue music and everything else. 


To me, Bachata is like R&B, Rhythm and Blues.  You have Rhythm in Bachata, which in R&B you have rhythm, and Blues is amarque.  I'm a big fan also of R&B music.  It wasn't really that hard for me to incorporate my music into Bachata, 'cause I was raised around that.


The new album is supposed to have some R&B flavor to it.  When does it drop?


God Willing, album drops May 10.  My third baby will be dropping.  We have a bit of everything on the album.  R&B, Bachata, little bit of Merengue.  We have a reggaeton on the album, my new artist.  I have an artist signed to my company called Del Bloque, which they're also my family.


I understand there's supposed to be some crunkchata on the album.




Can you give me a breakdown of what that is?


Well if you're down from the South, and want to get crunk to music, I wanted to incorporate that in Bachata.  It's never been done.  My first album, I recorded half in New York, half in Miami.  While we were recording in Miami, I'm the type of person that likes to listen to different genres.  I'm hearing some crunk music, some Pitbull, some Lil Jon.  The mix just felt right, it went right with Bachata. 


Bachata is mostly romantic music, lovey-dovey.  But at the same time, I wanted to give the public something else.  So when they say bachata, I want them to think of crunkchata, or Bachata tradicional.  Something different so the public has another option, especially for my urban people, you know.


Who were some of the producers you've been working with?


Well I produced 85% of the album.  I have also my partner Eddie Perez, he's my partner in crime when it comes to producing.  The combination between us is just incredible.  Thank God I've had the pleasure of working with Eddie Perez, he's done all three of my albums, me and Eddie.


I honestly didn't know that you produced most of your own stuff, was that the case with the first Toby Love and Reloaded?


Yeah, of course.  We produce all our stuff, I'm really hands-on when it comes to producing and writing.  I was raised on music, so I love it.  Just the creative process of trying to put something different, and not be like anyone else.  It's a challenge, I love a challenge.


What's the significance of the album's title, La Voz de la Juventud?


La Voz de la juventud means the voice of the young people.  I think the title is very powerful, because I think I'm the voice of all them young kids that can't speak about certain things.  Like about love.  Sometimes us as men, and boys, sometimes we can't touch on that topic.  It's a little bit uncomfortable sometimes. 


Also it has different meanings to it.  Some fans came up to me in Europe and were like, you're the voice of the young people.  But in Spanish, tu eres la voz de la juventud.  Which means I am their favorite, the youth's favorite voice.  I loved it, it just came together.


So what can you tell us about the new album?


I think every artist says this, but I really mean it, this is my best album.  I've grown as a producer, I've grown as a writer, I've grown as an artist, period.  I think that the album is taking Bachata to another level.  A lot of people don't know that I'm also a producer, like what I was telling you. 


And challenging myself with the new music.  We basically use the same thing, all Bachata artists.  Bachata is bongos, guira, bass and guitar.  That's the main elements of Bachata.  So what I do is incorporate the whole R&B sound, the whole crunk sounds, and all that.  It's a challenge, it's a beautiful thing.


So are you keeping the best beats for yourself?




Would you ever produce for a Prince Royce or Aventura?


Of course!  It depends on the vibe in the studio.  Everything that I do, I give 150% to that thing, whether I'd be producing for Prince Royce, or Aventura, or anybody.  I try to get into their world.  I don't want nobody to sound like my stuff, I don't want nobody to do what I'm doing.  I go into their world, and I'll try to produce or write something that they're comfortable with.  I like collaborating with people in the studio, that's the best way to do things. 


Speaking of collaborations, I know you have at least one guest feature on this album with a Mexican artist, who all do you have as guest spots?


On my new album I have Yuria the Mexican girl.  We are the perfect harmony, I say that in the song, incredible.  I also have my father, I featured my father on a song.  I have my son on my new single.  My son, he starts the song, his name is Timmy Star.  New song called Casi Casi, which is already found everywhere, thank God.  I also have my artist, Del Bloque, on my album.


I wanted to keep it real personal.  I have two years without bringing out an album, I wanted to give the public more of me.  That doesn't mean I don't have 10 other songs with featured artists, I have a lot of tricks under my sleeve.  I have other songs that I didn't put on the album.  When the album comes out, I have other things to attract to the album, like Urban stuff.  I have something with Notch, with Pit, with my boy Fuego.  A lot of things that are gonna come with different artist.  God willing, this is gonna be a crazy year.


Have you ever thought about doing a strictly English R&B album?


Definitely. That's the reason that I incorporate the R&B and all the Spanglish in what I say.  I want the public to know that I'm not just a bachata artist, or Merengue, or Salsero.  I'm a singer, I want to do stuff like that in the future.  I want to do a pop album, I want to do an R&B album, I want to do a crossover album, just an American album.  I think it will be dope, it's something I'm looking forward to, and that I am working on to do in the future, God willing, that's my plans.


Now this is kind of old news, but something I've been meaning to ask.  Several years ago, you won the Billboard award for the best Tropical airplay song of the year, but also best Latin Rap album. Considering your debut album was mostly nuevo Bachata with some R&B flavor, what were your thoughts on winning the award for best Latin hip hop album?


That was actually a blessing.  It was a little weird, the title, Latin Rap Album.  But the album was urban, it is urban, we got Pitbull, KP Da Moneymaker.  It was a fusion between Bachata and urban, we had the beats on it.  Like we had the song called Cadillac, that was talking about being in a Cadillac.  The topics were very urban, just the feel itself, musically, was urban. 


For us to be in that category, it made sense.  But that word Latin Rap Album.  The word  RAP is what threw me off a bit.  But it's a blessing man, I took it, and it was a blessing.


Is there anything else you want to mention about the album, or anything you've got jumping off in the future?


Everybody go watch out for that Toby Love-Notch track coming out soon.  Got the label popping off, called Scarlito Entertainment.  Got my first artist, Del Bloque.  And I just want everybody to.... Que me apoyen.  Just feel what I'm doing and check it out, I think we taking music to the next level.  I think it's going to be a very interesting year.  Not only on music, but also on videos, and possibly doing movies in the future.


I'm looking forward to your collaboration with Notch.  Cuban and Jamaican, one of my favorite artists.  He kills it with Chevere and Guaya Guaya, so will he be singing, or doing more dancehall?


It's more on the dancehall, more on the Caribbean, just a good feel.  I kid you not, nobody is gonna regret listening to the song.  The song is called "Una Nena Fina," and it's gonna be just incredible.  I want to get the reaction of people when we put the track out, it's gonna be a beautiful feel.


So for now, people can call the radio and request Casi Casi.


Casi Casi, yes.


When will the Notch track drop?


The notch track, God willing, the track will drop in the summer.


Anything else you want to add for your fans?


Yes.  Fans, I love you.  The only three words I have to say.  I love my fans.  If it wasn't for them, there would be no me.  Expect the unexpected from la Voz de la Juventud, always.


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