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Tito "El Bambino" Kicks Off Latin American Tour
2/20/07 - news / Voy press release

Last week, the Puerto Rican singer Tito “El Bambino,” one of the most popular reggaeton stars in Latin America thanks to his recent album “Top of the Line,” started the tour that will take him to Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama, Nicaragua, Colombia, and cities in the United States. Radios where you may find this artist: St. Valentine, Pop Hits, Reggaeton.

“By the grace of God, Central and South America have been the strategic points in my career. When we go to those countries it gets absolutely crazy and we need all the strength we have,” the musician told the newspaper El Nuevo Día. “For me, it’s a blessing that Latinos have been able to identify with my music and that when they go to my concert, they forget all the problems or crises that may exist in that place,” the singer added.

Tito “El Bambino” said that his style doesn’t answer to fashion, but rather to his Christian faith: “What I’ve tried to do is live a life that thanks God and my family. He’s the one that blesses me,” said the artist. He also said he’s very curious about the message young people get from his songs: “I don’t push doctrines on anybody. I tell the truth and anyone can listen to the songs I make because they aren’t offensive,” said ‘El Bambino.’



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