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Temperamento Offers World a Message with New Rap Video

August 9, 2012 at 8:35 PM ET - news


Temperamento mensaja para el mundo

Rhode Island rapper Temperamento has released a new video that addresses faith in God, and the need for an awakening during times of difficulty throughout the world. 


Born Christian Estremera Ramos, Temperamento has been making an effort to spread a spiritual message to fans that weren't always accustomed to his recent departure from secular music.


Puerto Rican by birth, Temperamento spent the years 2005 to 2010 building a fan base of Spanish rap enthusiasts.  In 2010, however, the artist was sentenced to 27 months in prison for armed robbery.  It was during his incarceration that Temperamento reflected on his music career, and chose to embrace Christianity. Shortly after his release from prison in 2011, the Providence rapper began recording rap in Spanish with Christian messages.


Temperamento's latest message comes by way of the video "Mensaje Para el Mundo," which translates into English as "Message For the World."  Hip Hop producer WorlDdez, who is also Temperamento's cousin, was responsible for the concept of the new song.


WorlDdez had become aware that original fans of Temperamento's more hardcore sound had become disappointed with the artist's shift towards religious music.  "Mensaje Para el Mundo" would serve as an explanation of the change to those fans.


"Mensaje Para el Mundo" addresses faith in Jesus, as well as the media, politics, conspiracy theories, The Illuminati, and the concept of sin.  The message that the born-again rapper wanted most to express with the new video was that it is time for people to wake up. Temperamento had also hoped that the video would serve as an admission of his own self-perceived imperfections.


"I myself sin, and I'm not better then anyone," Temperamento explained to He further clarified "I wanted to set an example for those who don't understand that a person like me is just trying my best to live a better life, and that's what this purpose in life is all about."


"Mensaje Para el Mundo" was filmed by Proddk Media and Co, and directed by Sway Mendez.  Temperamento describes Mendez as a "big brother" with respect to his music career, and that the director plays a significant role in helping him with both personal and business decisions.


The new song is set to appear on Temperamento's upcoming album titled Bajo Control.  While originally slated for an earlier 2012 release, Bajo Control was postponed after Ramos chose to work with Christian music producer Guary of the duo Guary & Cleyton. When asked about the new release date for album, Temperamento replied "I'm not in a rush, only God knows when its the right time," before adding "When that time comes, the whole album will be fully recorded and ready to go within a month."


Temperamento's shift from secular to non-secular music hasn't been without the loss of fan attention, however.


"Before I used to release a video and get 100,000 views on Youtube in a month" stated Ramos, while explaining that his Christian-themed videos may require a year before they achieve an equal number of views. 


Not to be discouraged, Temperamento added "But when those 100,000 reach people now, it will cause a million times more of an impact than my old music. Music inspired by God is powerful, and touches people's heart."

Watch the video for "Mensaje Para el Mundo" below.  Can't see the video on your phone?  Click Here to watch it on Youtube.


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