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Wedding Bells for El Abayarde, Tego Calderon
2/1/06 - news / Atlantic Records press release



Teggo Calderon wedding Michelle Peterbauer

2006 began full of happiness and excitement for the hip-hop singer Tego Calderon.


On Sunday January 8, 2006 he united his vows with Michelle Peterbauer whom he has had a two year relationship with.  The ceremony was held in a private residence in the metropolitan area.


Only close friends and family of the bride and groom were invited. The attendees thought it was in celebration of the Christmas season for Jiggiri Records, but it turned out to be their wedding.
The guest of honor was Malcom Xavier Calderon, the child of both Tego and Michelle that came from the beautiful romance they have shared together and dove them to get married.

"I feel more than happy for the decision that we both have chosen to seal our love together. At this time we would like to share this very important news with everyone. Michelle is an excellent woman that has filled my life with joy and has made me the happiest man in the world. We are happy, therefore we have chosen to make this official for our children named Malcolm and Ebony". expressed Tego.

The godparents of the civil ceremony were Karen Martinez, friend of the bride, and Eddie Dee, the composer of the hit song "Gasolina." They began the party with the group Los Planeros de Rio Grande, Moncho Rivera, and the band Residente Calle 13. Within the guest who attended the party were: Fat Joe, DJ Nelson, DJ Adam, Julio Voltio, Yagga & Makie, Elias De Leon (president of White Lion), Ivan Joy (Diamond Music) and music producer Ecko.

Michelle's dress was created by her aunt Diana Garber, who is a designer of dresses in Miami. The designer gave the happy couple this beautiful silk dress as a wedding gift. Though he is putting finishing touches on his forthcoming album 'The Underdog', Tego took time off to celebrate his honeymoon in Costa Rica with his lovely new bride.

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