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Tego Calderon Premieres New Video "Robin Hood" on VEVO

September 9, 2012 at 10:35 AM ET - / Digital Girl


Tego Calderon 2012

Street poet, Tego Calderón, is back this month with a new and original video for the song "Robin Hood."  After the premiere of his heartfelt video "El Sitio" (The Spot), urban Latin's most iconic rapper launches another moving video for the song "Robin Hood". It is the next chapter in a special series of music videos being launched from the mixtape, 'El Original Gallo del País - O.G. El Mixtape' (The Original Rooster of the Country - OG The Mixtape), which was launched in June and continues to garner praise among critics and fans alike.

Through this video series, Tego Calderón wants to show a different side of Puerto Rico, the more authentic part of the island. The location was in the very traditional area of Piñones in the neighborhoods 'El Indio' (The Indian) and 'El Chorro', which reflect the island's ancestry. The video was directed by Kacho Santiago Lopez, cinematography done by 'Chago' Benet, and produced by Tristana Robles for Zapatero Films.

Tego Calderón was very involved with the director in the creation of the concept for "Robin Hood"and had the final input for the recording, location and treatment of the video. The video "Robin Hood" contains a preview of the song "Si Yo Fuera Usted" (If I Were You), which belongs to the genre known as "bomba", folkloric music native to his homeland Puerto Rico. The video focuses on several sociopolitical and economic themes such as the immigration of Dominicans to Puerto Rico.

'El Original Gallo del País - O.G. El Mixtape' includes nine (9) songs and has become quite a marvel, charting at the top of iTune's Latin and Urban charts as well as positioning itself as one of the leading releases in digital sales.


The mixtape includes the tracks: "Cierren" (Close It), "Robin Hood", "Sin Usted Que" (Without You...What?), "Suerte" (Luck), "Se Ajuma" (She's Tipsy), "Cosas Que Pasan" (Things That Happen), "El Sitio" (The Spot), and two collaborations, one with Arcangel in "Hablan de Mi" (They Talk About Me) and one with legendary Panamanian singer, Kafu Banton, in "Like We (Ay Dios Mío)" (Like We -Oh My God). This is the first record Tego has dropped since 'Contra-Ataca' (Counter Attack) which was released in 2008 and is being released through his record label, Jiggiri Records.


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