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Tego Calderon in Los Angeles for The BET Awards
8/7/07 - news / AR Entertainment release

Tego Calderon, considered by many as the top purveyor of urban Latin music, is on a promotional tour to support the debut of the film "Illegal Tenders".

Directed by heralded filmmaker John Singleton, "Illegal Tenders" marks the acting debut of Tego, whose maiden thespian effort reveals another exciting facet of his stellar career. The big-screen bow of this urban icon can be appreciated on August. 24 when the picture comes out in theaters across the country.

As part of the promotional tour of this dazzling cinematic production, Tego was on hand recently with Singleton and co-star Ricky Gonzalez at the BET Awards ceremony, which took place at the celebrated Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. The next stop on the promo tour will be July 7 in New York for the Urban Music Awards.

El Abayarde ("The Fire Ant", as his also known, is applying the final touches to his forthcoming disc "El Abayarde Contraataco" ("The Fire Ant Counterattacks"), due to drop at the end of August. Subsequent to the release, the Puerto Rican rapper will continue on to Europe where he will fulfill artistic commitments in Italy and England.



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