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Supremacy Hip Hop Clan "Da HipHopAddictz" Album Download
12/10/11 - news / Andrea Peña Press Release

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Supremacy Hip Hop Venezolano

Back in 2000, Dann and Marlon both were residents of the city of Maracay in Venezuela, each doing his own part towards the growth of Maracayeran Hip Hop.  The first was the voice of the now-defunct rap/metal band "Ni**az Feel Da' Hood”, while the latter (Zoo) was a Graffiti writer and breakdancer.  For half of 2001, the band NFDH worked on the video project for "Black Sky", which included different scenes of the aragüeñas streets. 

It was this increasing gathering of b-boys that reunited its followers in "El Concejo" where they found Supa amongst their crew, and the rest is history.


After first working together both decided to undertake - working with Afromak (recognized Venezuelan Beatmaker) - the "Supremacy Hip-Hop Project” with the idea to group the best local talents of the movement into a single force.  The project propelled important exponents of the movement, that day by day counted on their international experience as b-boy Salo (Flying Legs Crew), Gbec, and APL among others.


Between 2002 and 2003, Supremacy completed its first work in the studio, titled "Simplemente Underground."  The album was collectively conceived, produced, recorded and mixed by Afromak, DJ Kreator and Gbec.  It was thus that the SHCC were considered the architects of local rap (Boom Bap, Ragga and Spanglish differentiate them from the rest).


In 2005, after two full years of noteworthy performances in the central region of Venezuela, already with something of a following, they decided to record an album with Alto Standing (Gary, Checkto & Kputo), RayOne, (writer and MC), Wake (DJ and writer), and Can.  The compilation was titled "BAS.Y.CO" (Base y Contenido), and was presented to the public at the 2nd International Hip Hop Summit celebrated in Caracas in 2006.

In 2007 they collaborated in the production of “San Antónimo” in the grouping of AOX, and that same year they released a new edition of Simplemente Underground that included four previously unreleased tracks.  Supa initiated a parallel project with Gbec titled FUNDaMENTORS, and in 2008 paired up with Caserbero.  This continued in 2009 with DJ Mad Pee to form Madzilla, a project that to this date has released two mixtapes.

The experience of Supremacy Hip-Hop Clan has been shown in a variety of performances, and they've shared the stage with other national artists such as Apache and Bostas Brian, as well as other worldwide rap notables including Psycho Realm, Toteking, One Self, Randy Akozta and others.

After a hiatus of several years, 2010 was the year that reunited the duo of Dann & Zoo in the studio to record “Da Hiphopaddictz” album produced almost entirely by Afromak, and available for free download at:

Download link 1:
Download link 2:

Supremacy Hip Hop Clan en Twitter:!/Supremacyhhc

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