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Sicko Soldado Releases "City of the Dead" Album
11/12/11 - news / Dead Silence press release


Sicko Soldado

Revolutionary street soldier, Sicko Soldado. Known for his one-of-a-kind pitch on the mic, but beneath the hardcore exterior lies a human being with essentiality, invariably coming with fresh music and rhymes. His new CD "City of the Dead" slated for release November 1, 2011 (Dead Silence Records) is a chain of bilingual hip hop tracks motivated by his bold attitude and intense individualism. The album features production by Kemo the Blaxican and Ikuestion.


City of the Dead is Sicko’s second album on Dead Silence Records. This 15 track album is provoked by bravery and fired up by concentrated creativity and dramatic cultured lyrical substance.  Sicko’s album is infused with dark illumination and deep articulated multicultural rhymes that are motivating and poetic.

Sicko Soldado puts his heart on the line, discusses growing up in poverty, along with occupying a blazing heart, and fundamentally chose this title because this is music for the souls of the forgotten ones.

Sicko Soldado not only represents himself or his city and culture, but all of human kind. This album features collaborations with Breezewood La Connecta, Mads the Hated, Ephive, Mostro, Griz and features production from Kemo the Blaxican, Ikuestion, DJ Reverance, Mads the Hated, and Moneybackwards Kid.


“It is a diary of the things I was going through, feelings that I have giving my own opinion on life and in the game. My songs on this album are from the heart,” says Sicko.

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