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Session Holds it Down for the Bronx
8/1/06 - exclusive interview

rapper Session of the Bronx

You Betta Ask Somebody! As goes the chorus on the DJ Green Lantern produced ďBetta Ask Somebody,Ē LatinRapper.comís Amen sat down and didnít ask just somebody, but he asked Session himself about whatís going on with him, his music, and his future.


For those of you who havenít asked anybody yet, Session is the same man that stormed into the scene in 2002 with Tonedeff, PackFM, and Substantial for Extended Fammís critically acclaimed ďHappy F**k You Songs.Ē

Realizing that success isnít just about having the best bars, Mr. Jose Ch*nga is prepared to make himself, and the lucky people that co-sign him worth millions! The rugged MC details his aspirations to be the next Hip-Hop superstar, and how he plans to position himself for dominance. For the people that donít know, let Ďem know who you are and where youíre from.

The name is Session, a.k.a. Spicasso, a.k.a. Da Poh Rican, a.k.a. El Beyaco Malo, a.k.a. Jose Ch*nga, a.k.a. King Ding a Ling, a.k.a. Spanish Fly, aka I canít think of no more. And Iím from the muthaf**kiní Bronx, NY, but I also rep the Heartbeat, Hartford, CT Ė the sevent most dangerous city in America for those that think we sit around watchiní grass grow. BANG BANG!

Let me warn you Ė Iíve got some tough questions lined up for you, like whatís your favorite color, what size shoes you rock, and how much you spend on groceries a week. I ainít holdiní s**t back!

Hahaha! Thatís whatís up, fam. I wonít hold back neither, son! My favorite color is blue. I rock a size 9.5, maybe 10 if I wanna impress the ladies, and I donít buy groceries Ė I buy beer.

So the ďNew MoneyĒ mixtape was a great start to getting the fans a bit more familiar with the name. What do you have planned for the near future?

Yeah, the ďNew MoneyĒ mixtape was just me throwiní a bunch of s**t together and calling it a mixtape so I can make some money. My next mixtape, ďIm Worth MillionsĒ is really a more concentrated effort to put together a really well-put together product. Not to say ďNew MoneyĒ is wack, but itís more a collection of songs.

No doubt. Itís definitely a good introductory CD for the heads that donít really know whatís up. So you got this ďI'm Worth MillionsĒ slogan going Ė explain to people what thatís all about before random heads come out the woodwork askiní to borrow some money.

It basically means what it says Ė ďIm Worth Millions.Ē Iím a Spanish rapper, that reps beiní a Spanish dude. Iím a chancleta wearing, Corona guzzliní, ďOye Mami!Ē chasiní, packing 8 people in a small Toyota ass ni**a. Ainít nobody reppiní that s**t in this game right now. Latinos are the second strongest buying power in the nation. Reggaeton s**t is popping off, but thatís mainly for Spanish ni**as. I can reach both ni**as that love Reggaeton, and ni**as that just love Hip-Hop. Youíll hear it in my music, whether it be a quick Spanish reference, me talking about rice and beans, or a straight Spanglish verse Ė Iíma represent me being a Nuyorican. Thatís me all day. I just know thereís mad people that relate to me. People that read this and be like, ďThatís me right there." And even if you ainít Spanish, if you in the hood, you got a Spanish friend thatís just like I described it, so the s**t ainít alien to you. You know the deal. IM WORTH MILLIONS, BABY! ĎCause I feel my ni**as will support me. Oh yeah, plus, Iím nice.

Speakiní of Reggaeton, I remember a little less than two years back you did your own Reggaeton track on the "Oye Mi Canto" instrumental called "Toma!" Do you have any intentions to do some more Reggaeton tracks? And are you afraid we're going to see the Reggaeton movement come and go just as quickly in popular music as the 90's Latin explosion with Ricky Martin, J. Lo, Enrique Iglesias, etc?

Yes, I will do a Reggaeton track here and there. It ainít gonna be all I do Ė just a part of the repertoire. I donít really care where the ďmovementĒ goes; Iíma do what I want, and what my peoples wanna hear. Reggaeton ainít going nowhere. Sure, it might disappear from the mainstream, but the s**t was around before that anyway, so who gives a f**k? But Iíma do Reggaeton my way, in Spanglish. Thereís a difference between a Puerto Rican from PR and a Puerto Rican from NY. Iím representing the Puerto Rican from NY. Jeuuh! Shouts to my family in PR! Arecibo, PR all day, holla!

Hahaha! Peace to Vega Baja and Mayaguez while weíre at it. You mentioned being a Nuyorican, so letís talk a little bit about the ďDiamond GirlĒ track you leaked onto the net about a month ago and what the response to that has been like.

Itís been mixed as I expected it to be. A lot of people donít get it, or donít know about the old 80's track I took the beat and the hook from or nothing. But my Latinos know what the f**k is up. Some of these Italians are hollering too. It was just a track that really just represented what my little sister used to bump back in the day and my moms, too. I could give a f**k about those that donít like it. I expected it. Some people go as far as to say "That ainít Hip-Hop." What you think them Rocksteady ni**as used to break dance to, GENIUS? But yeah, Iíve gotten some pretty great offers from the opposite sex cause of this s**t, though, hahaha. Iím just representing who I am at the end of the day. Take it or leave it.

Yeah, you have to take the people who don't understand that Freestyle was once considered "Latin Hip-Hop" with a grain of salt. Are there plans to breathe some fresh life into more of these classic Freestyle records? I know you said Stevie B had shown you some love on the track, any more talkin' goin' on with him?

Hahaha, I donít know man. Maybe "Let the Music Play." That s**t was tight, man.

Stevie B hit me up on MySpace! But nah, no talking. He hit me up, told me the track was hot, and then tried to sell me something on some Erik Estrada s**t. Hahaha, itís funny, but you peep how ni**as use Spanish dudes to get at our market right? Im Worth Millions, baby! Iím that new s**t!

Speakin of Freestyle, what are the off-the-dome skills like?

ni**a, Iím wack. You come at me tryiní to battle me, Iíma tell you that you won. I ainít that ni**a thatís gonna hit you with a million written verses making pretend. I keep it real. I walk around with my shirt off and my belly poppiní out with my chest hairs all running around crazy - STILL thinkingí Iím fly. I gives a f**k what you think is my point.

Hahaha, I got you. So you got this situation with QN5, the 2002 Extended F@mm album, but at the same time it's pretty obvious that you want that major deal that'll push you up above the independent market and give you an opportunity to showcase yourself. Is there anything specific that really turned you off to the indie scene and made you feel like it wasn't for you?

Man, I wanna be famous. Iím a superstar, b*tch! Nah, but for real - I just wanna live off this music s**t, man. I donít wanna be a slave to having to drop an album every year or two just to live. I wanna make sure my kids is set. Besides, I'm Worth Millions, ni**a! HOLLA!

So what do you think is the most difficult part of being a Latino MC trying to break into the majors and superstardom, if anything at all?

Nothing. At least not to me. The s**t is the easiest time ever to break into this game if you have the work ethic to break through all the bulls**t that ALL ni**as go through anyway. Iím talented, my work ethic is crazy, I have good people around me, the timing is right, Iím a smart muthaf**ka, and I donít give a f**k about no one. I donít take ďNoĒ for an answer. Iíma be alright. Im Worth Millions and I canít wait to be rich. It ainít a, "I hope to be rich," - I canít f**kin wait Ďtill Iím swimming in cash like Scrooge McDuck.

The QN5 Spring Cleaning Tour was a real good look, what was that experience like?

I loved it, man. Thatís what I wanna do. I wanna tour, I wanna visit places I would never think Iíd be, and rock in front of a crowd. Liviní the life of a 9-5, or even as a hustler, youíre trapped. You canít go nowhere. You gotta stay there making that money. I wasnít meant to be tied and bound up in one place doing one thing. I need room to breathe. The world is my playground and I wanna play everywhere. But yeah, I was with my peoples, having a great time cramped in a lilí ass van. Iím a trooper, fam. I donít give a f**k. I slept on the hotel room floor for almost all the stops Ďcause there wasnít enough beds. I f**kiní work. I donít give a f**k what I have to do. Thatís another reason I'm Worth Millions. I will not stop.

On a more serious note, everyone should know by now that you rep your Puerto Rican heritage with pride. Being Puerto Rican and living in New York with such a large population of Boricuas outside of the island, is your intention to be an idol musically, or do you aspire to evolve into a powerful Puerto Rican that people can admire fully?

Man, I just do me. Maybe as I get older and I start sticking my head into things other than music then my thinking will evolve. But Iím really just being me for right now. Iím not tryin to do anything but sell a couple records and make some money. Iím broke. Que sera, sera - what will be, will be.

Boom! It's been great talkin' with you. Now hit Ďem with the shout outs, subliminal disses to other rappers you don't like, release dates, websites, and purchasing info!

I donít like you, you, youíre cool, f**k him, and that other dude is just wack but he's cool. Shout outs to my Pharcity ni**as! Congrats on getting Funkmaster Flex to drop bombs all over that record! Shouts to QN5, Tonedeff, PackFM, Mecca, CunninLynguists, Elite, and Domingo. Shouts to The Leegans, too, Debut, Toe Tag, and L.A.S. - them my ni**as. Iíma make some money off them if I pop first, holla! Shouts to Sara Kana and of course, Mala Reignz! ďIm Worth MillionsĒ mixtape is coming real soon. Check out for more info and new songs and s**t. HOLLA!

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