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Listen to Rare 1980 Peru Rap Single Online
8/25/11 - news


Serrucho Combe single

Major shout out to Richie from the No Record Snobs music blog for sharing a real gem with us: a 1980 rap single from Peru.  Serrucho Combe/La Cotorra Criolla is a rare 45 that is unquestionably one of the first rap singles released in Latin America.


Old school Spanish rap heads will notice some semblance to Ruben DJ, although this track obviously predates mainstream rap in Puerto Rican and Panama by years.


Considering 1979's Rapper's Delight was the first mainstream rap hit in the United States, it's amazing to discover a rap single from Peru released only a year later. To listen to this track, play the Youtube video below.  Anyone from Peru with a back story on this song, send us an email with the scoop.




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