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Mexican-American Rapper Releases New Single to Represent Hip Hop Culture's Latino Fans

September 4, 2012 at 8:10 AM ET - news


Chicago rapper Scheme

Chicago rap artist Scheme has just released his latest single "La Clika," a Spanish and English language song to be featured on the artist's upcoming mixtape slated for release by October 2012.  The purpose of the new single is to serve as a message of understanding to fans of Hip Hop that have never felt as though they were represented within that culture. 


"La Clika" is a term coined by Scheme that refers to people that are fans of Hip Hop, but feel as though they aren't represented in the culture because of their ethnicity.


"I was a Mexican kid growing up in the inner city of Chicago, there was never a rapper who represented that side of things to me" Scheme explained to  The MC further stated that one of his goals in music was to represent Hip Hop fans that were similar to himself.


The new song's beat was created by Chicago producer "Serious." The style of production used for La Clika marks Scheme's departure from rapping over tracks that are typically sample-heavy.  La Clika's percussion and use of horns lend a Down-South vibe to the song, which Scheme considers an atypical choice of beat for most rappers who perform in Spanish.


Scheme has made plans to shoot a video for La Clika in the immediate future, having already enlisted the help of director Sense Hernandez of Beast Factory Films. 


Scheme's upcoming mixtape has not been titled as of yet.  The musical project is the first for Scheme that involves rapping in both English and Spanish, so  the artist is considering a mixtape title that offers some significance in either language.  One of the rapper's goals with the new album is to maintain a balance between the use of Spanish and English.


Whereas most rap mixtapes incorporate beats already proven popular through frequent radio play, Scheme has elected to use mostly original and unrecognized production for his upcoming mixtape.


Coinciding with the release of the new single, California-based clothing company Dimex has released a limited-edition shirt with the name of both the rapper and his latest song. 


Scheme and his manager had previously established a relationship with the urban clothing company, which combines Latino pop culture references and Aztec art themes in a popular brand of t-shirts.  Dimex eventually became one of Scheme's music career sponsors, and the release of their new "La Clika" shirt represents a cooperative effort between the two.


Scheme, a first generation Mexican-American, was raised by parents who had immigrated to the United States from Tamaulipas, Mexico.  When asked if his ethnicity could have a negative impact on his music's reception within the Hip Hop media, the Chicago rapper responded that he doesn't like to make excuses for what he considers a genuine obstacle.


"I feel that there is a market for everything out there, I just have to continue to make good music," Scheme clarified. The artist went on to explain that there is a significant number of Mexican-Americans that are fans of rap, yet they lack adequate representation within Hip Hop culture. "I'm doing everything I can to make sure I change that," said the rapper, before adding "I just need all my people to truly support what I do."


Listen to the new song via the Youtube video embedded below:



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