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Sarazino Announces his New Album "Everyday Salama" (Mayo 22)

April 14, 2012 at 3:06 PM EST - news / Elena Rodrigo


Sarazino Everyday Salama

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The second album of Sarazino on Cumbancha Records will be released this coming May 22nd. The album titled Everyday Salama is a great collection of songs and rhythms all melted in one pot.Sarazino is the brainchild of Lamine Fellah, a musician, songwriter, and producer whose nomadic life is reflected in the multicultural influences in his songs.


What kind of music would come from a person who was born the son of a diplomat in Algeria, raised in various European and West African countries, educated in Montreal and has called Quito, Ecuador home for the last ten years? While the answer might surprise you, it certainly won't disappoint -Sarazino's music takes an exotic array of ingredients, throws them into a musical pot and the result is spicy, a feast for the senses that leaves you wanting more.

Fellah is a true child of a globalized world, and Sarazino's music draws on reggae, Latin and African grooves, Arabic music and catchy, international pop to create an upbeat celebration of the diverse world we all share.

For his second Cumbancha album, Everyday Salama, Sarazino invited an exciting selection of special guests from Jamaica, Nigeria, Brazil, Peru, the US, Sierra Leone and more. Everyday Salama features appearances by Sabina Sciubba, from New York, Indy-rock Brazilian Girls, Afro Peruvian electronica pioneers Novalima, African superstars Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, Jamaica's leading young reggae band Rootz Underground, Spanish mestizo singer Amparo Sanchez (Amparanoia), and Brazilian singer and composer Luisa Maita, among others. For the first single "Es mi Momento", Sarazino features rapper Niyo Pumpin and created an excellent song that sticks in your head.

The album is scheduled to be released on May 22nd, and it will surely help bring even wider global recognition to this exciting talent. The US tour that will include festivals and other exciting appearances will be announced shortly.



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