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Rock Steady Crew 29th Anniversary Celebrate Hip Hop Experience
7/21/06 - news / The Girls Entertainment press release


Backspin productions and The Rock Steady Crew are pleased to announce the Rock Steady Crew 29th Anniversary, a celebration of the legendary B-boy/B-girl crew with four days of festivities from July 27th through July 30th in the New York City and New Jersey area.  The Rock Steady Crew, noted for maintaining and preserving the origins of hip-hop culture through b-boying, will celebrate its 29th Anniversary this year with a host of events including an underground celebrity basketball game, the 2nd Annual Spy Awards, an invitation-only B-boy/B-girl Battle, and free outdoor concert.

A monumental community event that honors deceased members of the crew and celebrates hip-hop culture both past and present, The Rock Steady 29th Anniversary attracts deejays, B-boys/B-girls, emcees, and over 20,000 hip-hop supporters from around the world. This year, Rock Steady Crew brings together GZA and Masta Killah of Wu-Tang Clan, Big Daddy Kane, Large Professor, Rhymefest, Beat Nuts, and many more surprise guests to celebrate 29 years of the championed B-boy movement and Hip-Hop’s underground celebrities.

With Crazy Legs’ involvement and participation in the forthcoming videogame B- Boy™, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is also supporting the Rock Steady 29th Anniversary. Hip-hop heads will be the first to play the game and show off their b-boy gaming skills in B-Boy the videogame on PlayStation®2 and PlayStation® Portable (PSP®)! B-Boy will be released on PS2 and PSP this fall.

Rock Steady Crew President Crazy Legs, the host and organizer for The Annual Rock Steady Anniversary, states the yearly event is the “authentic hip-hop experience for everyone”. “This is a pilgrimage for all,” Crazy Legs states. “People come from all around the world to attend the anniversary to bridge the gaps between cultures through hip-hop.”

Through the Spy Awards, a prestigious honoring for a new generation of B-boys/B-girls, Rock Steady Crew looks to sustain the art form and keep the movement growing. The 29th Anniversary will celebrate the hip-hop culture through its acceptance via underground, mainstream, lifestyle brands, music, business, and throughout many integral subcultures.


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