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Reyes Brothers (Mellow Man Ace & Sen Dog) to Release New Album
4/13/06 - news


The Reyes Brothers

After vowing to one day finally work together, THE REYES BROTHERS Senen “Sen Dog” Reyes and younger brother Ulpiano “Mellow Man Ace” Reyes have joined forces to create their debut album GHETTO THERAPY for Latin Thug/Hawino Records.

Due out June 13, Ghetto Therapy sounds as if the pair has been recording together throughout their careers, with their divergent styles meshing together seamlessly. To help them achieve their goal, they tapped a top-notch selection of seasoned technicians such as

producers such as DJ Muggs, Warren G, B Real, Fredwreck (Snoop Dogg, Eminem, 50 Cent), DJ Ace (Ice T) and XL (The Game). The first single “We O.G.s” with Snoop Dogg and Warren G--set to impact radio in May--celebrates the classic West Coast G-Funk sound and marks the beginning of what should be a fruitful new phase of their friendship with the celebrated Long Beach producer. “Working with him was one of the highlights of my career,” says Mellow on the collaboration. “To be able to sit in the studio with this guy–I remember being in awe and trying to keep it to myself. With all of the accomplishments of his career, I felt special being in the same room and watching him scratch on the turntables and add his elements to the song.” At the same time Latin Thug/Hawino Records will make available the song “Fight Night” as a special New York regional single.

Other highlights on the album include the Fredwreck-produced “H.A.R.D.”--an excellent introduction to the Reyes Brothers vibe. (“It’s one of my favorite songs that we put together on the album,” says Mellow. “It’s just so playful, it feels like we’re having fun.”). Elsewhere, there’s “Fight Night” featuring B Real as well as hotly tipped newcomer Bishop Lamont (recently signed to Dr. Dre’s Aftermath label). It’s one of the best examples of how fresh and new everything sounds, an alchemy achieved by combining veterans with talented rookies.

There's also just a little bit of ‘pimpin’’ going on in Ghetto Therapy. There are songs like “Birdie Birdie” and “I Lied,” but then there’s the trombone-tinged pomp of “It’s Official,” which just might become a new player’s anthem. The song features a sprinkling of game from the legendary mack Bishop Don Magic Juan, who declares the collaboration to be “official, like a referee with a whistle!”

Havana, Cuba-born Mellow Man Ace, aka The Godfather of Latin Rap, burst on to the scene in 1983 with his #1 smash hit single “Mentirosa” (Liar), a significant mark in the musical landscape as it was one of the first Latin hip-hop songs to cross over into the mainstream. In 2002 he was inducted into the Hip-hop Hall Of Fame. Not only his brother in rhythm and rhyme, but Mellow’s true-life brother Sen Dog also has a significant place in hip-hop as a member of rap icons Cypress Hill, another major force to bring Latin hip-hop to the fore-front, paving the way for future hard-hitters like Big Pun, while continuing to play a very active role in today’s music landscape.

Ghetto Therapy is the first offering from Latin Thug Records, a brand new music label fronted by luminaries of the Latin rap game Sen Dog (CEO) and Mellow Man Ace (Vice President of A&R), along with President Fred Sherman and Vice President of Operations Marvin ‘Big Marv’ Sheleby. Founded as an outlet to produce and distribute quality rap, hip-hop and rock projects with street element appeal, Ghetto Therapy will be released by Latin Thug Records in partnership with Seattle-based Hawino Records, distributed by Lightyear/WEA.

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