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The Man Who Copied - Movie Review & Trailer

Language: Portuguese with English Subtitles

Review by Compay for


Starring: Lázaro Ramos, Leandra Leal, Luana Piovani, Pedro Cardoso


The Man Who Copied movie review

Brazilian film O Homem Que Copiava, also known as The Man Who Copied, delivers everything that you could ask for in a movie. 


A talented cast, a clever plot, and an ending that defies prediction.


The Man Who Copied is a sweet and quirky film that explores love and crime on the streets of Rio Grande do Sul.  André is a copy stores employee that finds an escape to a mundane life in his comic book drawings.  His life changes when he falls for Silvia, his neighbor whom he spies on from his bedroom window.  André realizes that his copy machine job simply isn't enough to pay for his dreams, and finds himself breaking the law to reach his goals.  The crimes committed become increasingly more dangerous, and André is eventually up to his neck in problems. 


Our man who copies is portrayed by gifted Brazilian actor Lázaro Ramos.  If you're a fan of Brazilian cinema, you would have first noticed Ramos thanks to his role as a petty thug and drug-addled prisoner Ezequiel in Carandiru.  Ramos completely loses himself into the role of a passive copy shop worker, to the extent that most people wouldn't recognize him as the same actor from Carandiru (Ramos goes blond for the prison film).

No Brazilian film would be complete without South American eye candy, and Luana Piovani is ridiculously sexy as Marinęs, offering a solid acting performance as André's seductive co-worker. Leandra Leal and Pedro Cardoso also make for a great supporting cast, both having earned their stripes in Brazilian film and television.


The Man Who Copied stands out thanks to the use of cartoon animation, which does an amusing job of telling André's story.  Overall, this is a fun and suspenseful film that delivers a rewarding and unexpected conclusion.




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