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Our Family Wedding Movie Review

DVD Release Date: July 13, 2010

Review by Compay for


Starring: Forest Whitaker, America Ferrera, Carlos Mencia, Lance Gross, Shannyn Sossamon and Regina King.


Our Family Wedding review

Our Family Wedding is a good movie, just know in advance that it's not a flat-out comedy. Shot by the same director as 1999's "The Wood", it's mostly a warm movie about love and marriage, with a few funny scenes thrown in.

The best part about the film is its cast. A gorgeous America Ferrera shines as Lucia, wife-to-be of future doctor Marcus Boyd (Lance Gross of House of Payne). Great acting and chemistry between the two offer warm scenes that will make viewers both laugh and cry. As a long time fan of Forest Whitaker, it was refreshing to see him in a comedy. And is it just me, or does Regina King get even more lovely with each film?

While Chappelle Show veteran Charlie Murphy has limited screen time in the movie, he steals every scene that he's in. Warren Sapp, Noel Gugliemi and Taye Diggs also make for funny moments, though all three get "blink and you missed them" roles (Diggs oddly isn't credited).

My biggest complaint with the movie is that the story has been done before. Boy meets girl, parents get involved, culture clash ensues, all leading up to a predictable ending. It's more Meet the Parents than Hangover, with only a few laugh out loud moments (though the reception seating montage is funny and clever). What's interesting is that they really don't milk the ethnic differences as much as you'd assume that they would.

It isn't a comedy blockbuster, but it's still a good film, especially if you enjoyed movies like The Wood. A good cast and some feel-good moments make it worth watching at least once before you decide on buying the DVD.




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