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Mandrake - Film Review & Movie Trailer

DVD Release Date: April 12, 2011

Review by Compay for


Starring: Max Martini, Benito Martinez, Nick Gomez, Marcus DeAnda.


Mandrake movie review

Mandrake is about what you would expect for most SyFy Channel movies that go straight to DVD on Redbox. 


While this film at least has a hint of originality, it's still a far cry form anything that you'd expect to see in movie theaters.

Mandrake follows a former soldier who leads a group of archaeologists through the jungles of Latin America, in search of an ancient relic. Along the way, they must deal with angry tribesmen, a supernatural forest, and a tree monster with a case of the munchies.

What's enjoyable about the film is that it's shot well, with some decent cinematography.  If there's a catch, it's that Louisiana natives will easily recognize that it was shot in the state's Northern forest, and doesn't quite look like a South American jungle.


The problem with Mandrake is that the story is all over the place.  It's difficult to fully understand the relationship that exists between the local tribe and the possessed jungle, and there are more than a few plot holes in the film.

There's a great deal of unimpressive CGI used, which gives the film a real low-budget feel.  Though the lighting effects were good, it's extremely obvious whenever there's a shot that involved a green screen.

Most of the cast is made up of obscure TV actors, with the exception of Benito Martinez, better known as David Aceveda from The Shield.  The cast is rounded out by a variety of Latino actors, and is lead by Max Martini from The Unit, and the beautiful Betsy Russell from the Saw movie franchise.

Mandrake was a bit too similar to Congo with respect to one character's unexplained obsession with finding a certain relic.  It will also draw a number of comparisons to The Ruins.  For the most part, none of the characters have any depth, which makes it hard to sympathize for them.

Mandrakes scores points a slightly unique story, though it falls short due to weak writing, CGI overuse, and unimpressive acting performances. Worth a rent if you have time to kill, but skip out on buying the DVD.




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