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Jiggy Drama "Nerdside" Album Review

Review date: December 26, 2011 at 9:30 PM EST

Review by Compay for


Jiggy Drama Nerdside review

Jiggy Drama's "Nerdside" has been chosen as Best Urban Latin Album of 2011 thanks to the Colombian MC's flow, wordplay, and creative drive.  A catchy delivery over fresh beats makes Nerdside one of the more interesting efforts in urban Spanish music since Calle 13's debut album.  And while Jiggy's style of music will inevitably draw comparisons to that of Residente, his music nonetheless packs plenty of originality.

What's probably the most interesting aspect of Nerdside is that the album is light on radio-friendly tracks.  Record labels want artist exposure, which means leaning on rappers to record songs that will appeal to a mainstream audience.  With the exception of tracks like "La Fuga", Jiggy Drama seems apathetic to the idea of getting radio spins, as evidenced by his subject material and choice of beats.


Jiggy's flow is more Eminem or old school East Coast MC than what you might expect from a Colombian rapper.  His lyrics are brimming with sexual innuendo and good old-fashioned rap braggadocio.  Jiggy still finds time to wax poetic on the obligatory ladies ode "Baby Girl" with a vintage R&B hook.  Much of the album features a variety of delivery styles from the Colombiano ranging from 90's rhyme-spitting to traditional dancehall.  Not content to drop bars only in Spanish, Jiggy flexes his English chops on the Pitbull-esque "Ay Caramba" to great effect.


While the album's lead single and more popular tracks are Cumbia-based, much of the production on the album remains diverse.  The album's intro is straight Down South production that could have easily been a Lil Wayne or T.I. single.  Nerdside features a variety of hot beats with Calypso ("Last Summer") and Electronic ("Nintendo") flavor, leading up to the surprisingly catchy Blues inspired "D'Generación X."


Originality combined with a diversity of beats and delivery styles are what makes this 17-track effort the standout Urban Latin album of 2011.  While not as commercially successful nor mainstream as many chart-topping reggaeton albums released this year, Nerdside is nonetheless an amazing album from an artist willing to push the creative envelope as far as it can go.



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