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Freelancers Blu-Ray Movie Review & Trailer

Review Date: August 29, 2012 at 11:25 PM

DVD & Blu-Ray Release Date: August 21, 2012

Review by Compay for


Starring: 50 Cent, Forest Whitaker, Robert De Niro.


Freelancers movie review

"All of them will take their cue from you. You show them it's about the work, it will be about the work. You show them some other kind of game, then that's the game they'll play."


50 Cent's latest film is a surprising fit to the aforementioned quote from HBO's The Wire.


The frank message was spoken by Lieutenant Daniels to Ellis Carver, shortly before the young Detective made rank and earned a command over rookie police.  In Freelancers, a trio of friends experience three distinct paths after each settles with his respective training officer.


50 Cent plays Jonas "Malo" Maldonado, a Nuyorican cop with a flashy smile and an S-Curl.  The son of a murdered police officer, Malo joins the force after graduating the police academy with two of his best friends, all partners in drug dealing during their youth. 


It isn't long until Malo is taken under the wing of his father's corrupt former partner, Joe Sarcone, portrayed by Academy Award winner Robert De Niro. As the film progresses, Malo must come to terms with both his own unethical behavior, and the secrets of his father's past.


What makes Freelancers stand out from other movies within its budget  range is clearly the cast. As  Vice Crime Task Force Captain Joe Sarcone, Robert De Niro brings a relaxed air of professionalism into each of his scenes.  Forest Whitaker loses himself completely in his role as LaRue, the continually-stoned Detective responsible for showing Malo the ropes of working within their rogue unit.


TV and film veteran Malcolm Goodwin is a breath of fresh air as A.D., Malo's friend and the most level-headed of his inner circle.  The only problem with assembling an experienced cast, however, is that it emphasizes just how inexperienced 50 Cent is as an actor.  Chalk it up to sharing dialogue with some of Hollywood's most talented stars, or simply being a new jack to the big screen, but Fiddy's film performances still leave much to be desired.


Fans of The Wire will enjoy seeing Robert Wisdom (Major "Bunny" Colvin) reprise his role as a police officer with a heart in Freelancers. Wisdon isn't the only Wire alumni to join the ranks of Freelancers, however. Andre Royo, better known as Bubbles, is featured as Malo's father through a series of flashbacks in the film.


Aside from the cast, the other highlight of Freelancers is having Director Jessy Terrero behind the lens. The film is a visual treat, which isn't a surprise considering the Dominican filmmaker has directed over 50 featured music videos throughout his career.


Having said all that, what makes Freelancers a bit of a disappointment is the writing.  Freelancers is part Training Day, part Deep Cover, and with a story that isn't particularly memorable.  It's hard to determine whether certain plot holes in the film were related to less-than-stellar screenplay writing, or were simply a result of scheduling restrictions.


Although De Niro's character is described as being "like a father" to Malo, there's very little in the story that supports the idea. Terrero explains in the Blu-Ray director's commentary that he was extremely limited as to when they could shoot De Niro's scenes, so it's possible that those limitations are why we never truly witness a close bond develop between Sarcone and Malo.


Blu-Ray extras include a series of interviews with Director Jessy Terrero, 50 Cent, Forest Whitaker, Malcolm Goodwin, Ryan O'Nan, Beau Garrett, Anabelle Acosta, L. Philippe Casseus (writer), and producer Randal Emmett. 


There are also nearly 20 minutes worth of deleted scenes, including a few interesting story  lines that would have cleared up several plot holes (Beau Garrett certainly got the short end of the stick in that respect). 


The director's commentary with Jessy Terrero and 50 Cent also provided a great deal of insight into their choices of filming locations, and how they were able to make the most out of scheduling restrictions with actors and stuntmen alike.  Terrero also clarifies which scenes were shot in New York, as opposed to those filmed in New Orleans.


If you're looking for a decent crime drama, Freelancers is worth a rental. But it's still disappointing that a film with a seasoned cast and a talented director is dragged down by mediocre writing and a lead actor who simply lacks real acting chops.  It's worth giving this one a rent at your local Redbox before you decide to buy the Blu-Ray or DVD.







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