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Amar Te Duele Movie Review

DVD Release Date: December 26, 2006

Review by Compay for


Starring: Luis Fernando Peña, Martha Higareda, Ximena Sariñana, Karla Alvarado, Patricia Bernal.


Amar te Duele movie

As moviegoers, we've all been beaten over the head with adaptations of Romeo and Juliet.


So what makes Amar Te Duele stand out is director Fernando Sariñana's decision to emphasize the differences between social classes in Mexico.

The majority of mainstream Mexican movies usually fail to touch on the rift that may exist between Nacos and Fresas. If you're not hip to Mexican slang, the closest English equivalent that you can find to "Naco" is probably "White Trash."  In this case, a Mexican that is considered by others to be lower-class, or unrefined. On the flipside, Fresas are what you might consider the equivalent of "Preppy" Mexicans. 


Expressions such as these are used lightly in movies such as "Y Tu Mama Tambien" to help polarize the lead characters, and show the influence it has on their relationship. Amar Te Duele is a breath of fresh air in that it delves deeper into the Naco/Fresa class differences that exist in Mexico, but that we very rarely find in American cinema.


In this film, teens Renata (Martha Higareda) and Ulises (Luis Fernando Pena) search for love amidst class divides, prejudice, peer pressure and violence in Mexican City.  While the plot itself isn't incredibly original, the movie is made enjoyable thanks to a warm performance by the gorgeous Martha Higareda. Higareda does a great job, despite this being her film debut, having only previously appeared in a handful of soap operas on Mexican television.


If you're a fan of Mexican singer Ximena Sariñana, she gets a bit role as Mariana, who disapproves of her sister Renata's mingling with nacos.  Although Sariñana's father directed the film, Ximena earns her worth with her performance.


Overall, there are better examples of Mexican filmmaking, but Amar Te Duele is still a good DVD to add to your collection if you're into cinema from Mexico.




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