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Getting More Reviews from the Press
By Tim Sweeney

A lot of artists seem to be having problems getting the writers and reviewers of newspapers, magazines and websites to talk with them about their music or write about them, their CDs or review their live shows. Here are three thoughts to keep in mind when dealing with the press.

1. Always send an Artist Profile instead of a press kit. A press kit identifies you in this industry as a “non-priority artist” they can skip over without reviewing your material and most press people will do as soon as they see one in the package. A press kit doesn’t provide the information the writers and reviewers need to write a good article about you. As I talk about in TIM SWEENEY’S GUIDE TO RELEASING INDEPENDENT RECORDS PART 2, an Artist Profile is specifically designed for the media and to be used in your web site. It provides the press with the story you want them to write about you. * Most press people like to look at an artist’s web site. Do not use a press kit in yours because it is missing the key elements that get people interested in buying your CD. As a result it will not help you generate the number of CD sales you want every month.

2. Bi-weekly or monthly updates are critical. While it is important for you to communicate to them how your music is of interest to their readers, you also need to tell them how many CDs you are selling every month and how the “buzz” about you is growing. Do not send press releases about upcoming shows! Send them actual updates.

3. Your live shows are key. One of the biggest ways the press measures the interest in you is based on how many people are coming to your shows. Obviously an artist that can attract 300 people to a show versus 30 is a sign to the writers that people are interested in you.

If you haven’t written your Artist Profile yet or you are not getting the number of people you want to your shows, be sure to use my book, TIM SWEENEY’S GUIDE TO RELEASING INDEPENDENT RECORDS PART 2.

Tim's book available at his site:


About Tim Sweeney: Over the last 20 years he has helped several major labels (Columbia, Epic, MCA, Universal, Warner Bros., Capitol, Mercury, Polygram, Revolution, Hollywood (and their sub-labels), and well known independent labels (Restless, Metal Blade, Enigma, Accretions, etc.) develop the careers of some of their most promising and successful artists of all time.




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