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Ninos Vol 2. Debuts at Number 7 Spot
9/17/06 - news / AR Entertainment release

Following in the footsteps of the smash album "Reggaeton Ninos Vol. 1" which sold over 150,000 copies and became the most popular Latin album for kids last season, NINOS Vol. 2 debuted at No. 7 after only one week of its release in the Latin Albums Chart according to the system Nielsen SoundScan. With its impressive debut, NINOS Vol. 2 is on its way to become the most popular compilation album for kids this time not only in the Hispanic market, but in the anglo market as well.

The album which features Latin smash hits popularized by renowned artists in the pop, hip-hop and reggeaton genres includes English and Spanish tracks. NINOS is a project that started thanks to the popularity of the urban rhythm with a fresh, new, and enchanting twist targeted towards kids. The album was recorded by four talented girls and 2 brilliant boys based in New York who sing songs with family friendly lyrics without altering the sound of the originals. The album is available in retail stores around the US and Puerto Rico and at

Nielsen Soundscan is the best known system of information in the United States and Canada that keeps track of music and video sales that compile the weekly listings published by the prestigious Billboard magazine.



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