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New Latina Sensation of Reggaeton
9/17/06 - news / InCahoots! press release

There is a new face in the music world we should all be looking out for. Guaranteed to become the next Latina sensation, Brisaye is the freshest female face to hit the mostly male dominated Reggaeton scene. Unlike any other, Brisaye's music emits a different style by singing with her sensual voice over intoxicating reggaeton beats differentiating her from the popular Latin Rap Reggaeton music.

Some have referred to her as the "First Lady" of Reggaeton and "La Princesa del Reggaeton" (Reggaeton Princess) because of her lady-like class and look. Adding to her uniqueness, many are surprised to find that Brisaye was born in El Salvador and is not hailing from Puerto Rico as many reggaeton artists are today.

Brisaye has utmost respect for Puerto Rico and is inspired by the artists from there, but most of all is proud of being Latina and sharing a common love for all Latin culture and its universal music. Brisaye is looking forward to one day collaborate with the "Greats of Reggaeton" such as Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Ivy Queen and other artists of their caliber and become an international bilingual music star.

Brisaye's debut single "Tocame", translated "Touch Me" featuring Miami based Sony artist SitoOner Rock was released on 2Def Records compilation cd, Reggaeton Flava, June 20th in Canada and Europe and is already creating a buzz as the next "big thing" in Reggaeton music. Brisaye has also been featured on popular DJ mix CDs such as DJ Luvsick of Broken Needles from Europe, DJ Furious of the Bay area in California, DJ El Nino of New York and countless others bringing her unique style a lot of underground attention.

Working on her new single with music producer Blu Dragon of OnBeat Studios in West Palm Beach, "Baile Del Reggaeton", is sure to become the next anthem hit for the Latino Reggaeton generation with infectious salsa hooks reminding you where the music has evolved from and where its going. Brisaye is also recording over different styles of music such as Hip Hop, R&B and Pop and is constantly looking on ways to broaden her musical horizons.


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