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Reggaeton 94 Ranked # 1 in Puerto Rico
5/17/06 - news / Hispanic PR Wire

Reggaeton 94, owned by Spanish Broadcasting System Radio Group in Puerto Rico (SBS-PR), became the island’s top ranked station according to Arbitron’s Table 12+, the leading source for radio listener ratings in Puerto Rico.

Reggateon 94’s mix of Reggaetón radio hits has set a precedent in Puerto Rican radio history. In just 11 months the station has taken over UniRadio Group’s “SalSoul” as the island’s top ranked radio station, a position that “SalSoul” had held for nearly a decade.

“Reggaeton 94’s vibrant radio content has filled a void that remained in Puerto Rican radio for many years, commented Carlos “Topy” Mamery, Senior Vice President and General Manager for SBS-PR. “The station is a genuine Puerto Rican music platform, housing Puerto Rican artists and appealing to a Puerto Rican listener base.”

Mamery continued, “Reggaeton 94’s revolutionary format has also shifted the paradigm in radio advertising in Puerto Rico, creating a highly-targeted advertising platform that allows advertisers to reach their desired listener demographic. The results have been extraordinary – we not only have experienced market-leading ratings growth, but we have also greatly expanded our advertiser base, which now ranges from banks to beer companies. The Reggaeton format has become a sustainable force in the Puerto Rican market, and we are very proud of Reggaeton 94’s remarkable success.”  



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