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Get Your Music on the Radio

For over five years we have hosted a popular radio show on the #1 Hip Hop and R&B station in Louisiana.  If you are a Latin music artist that performs music in Spanish or English, please send us your music so that we may consider playing it on our show. 


Mail press kits, CDs, and promotional merchandise to:



PO Box 19662

Baton Rouge, LA 70893


Or email MP3s to


How do I Apply for an Artist Feature on LatinRapper?


Every month, will feature an up and coming Latin artis.  A feature will expose your music or label to millions of potential fans online.  Our features are 100% FREE.


Music artists or their management can email with the following information:

  • Name of artist

  • Location of artist

  • Link to Myspace or other music pages

You may email MP3 files for a feature, but feature requests with links to web pages where we can listen to music online will be reviewed faster.  Please do not send ongoing artist news to that email address.


How can I get my Record Label Featured?


Record label employees or owners can email with the following information:

  • Name of record label

  • Main location of your record label

  • Names of artists on your roster

  • Links to official website or sites like Myspace

  • Brief summary or overview of your label

Please do not email MP3 files, as they are not used for label features.  If you have artists that you want featured, please follow the instructions above and send a separate artist feature request.


I Applied for a Feature - When Will I Hear Back From You?


Because of the massive amount of emails we receive, you will only be contacted by us if your request for a feature has been approved.  It can take anywhere from a month to a year to be approved, so please be patient.


What Happens if My Feature is Approved?


When an artist feature is approved, we usually follow up by requesting more information such as photos and a brief biography.  We will also request MP3 files of specific songs. 


When a label feature is approved, we ask for additional info such as photos, or an extended summary of your label to use in the feature.


How do I Send You News?


Even if your feature is not approved, we may still add news updates and press releases to our website.  Send news to



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