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Prince Royce - Angelito Lyrics & Letras Plus English Translation


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Prince Royce

Un delito cometido en una noche de la pasion
alma perdida no vendra
Era un angelito, un angelito, que no pude ver
Y fue un engano, tu sabes el dano
Que causaron
Por las manos de un extrano
Y no se porque ella

El dia pase donde quiero
El pasado yo cambiar
Tristeza corre como el mar
Un angelito, un angelito
Que no pude ver


English Translation


A crime committed in a night of the passion

lost soul will not come

She was a little angel, a little angel, that I could not see

and it was a deceit, your you know the harm

That they caused

by the hands of a stranger

And I don't know why it was her


The day happens where I want

The past I change

Sadness runs like the sea

A little angel, a little angel

That I could not see



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Complete and free Bachata lyrics by Prince Royce - also known as Royse Roice Roce and Roy.