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Heights Entertainment - Pan con Queso Lyrics in English


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Video for "Pan con Queso" Spanish remix of Black & Yellow is below.

Damn bro, I'm hungry as hell
Went to the store trying to get me some coffee and some bread
I need it, I'm depressed
In the fridge, there's no water bread or kneaded bread

I go outside and see some shorty selling Nutella
Saying "baby this is good!" - what a fu**ing liar!
Out in the streets, dramatic like a soap opera
Cold as hell, boots on, but with no socks

I am mad as hell, avoid yourself some problems
I don't want sweet cream, oatmeal, or corn starch
And finally we get there, and we bought 'em
A lil' bread, a lil' coffee
And right away, I began devouring!






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