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President Obama Announces National Reggaeton Awareness Day
April 1, 2012 - news


Barack Obama reggaeton

United States President Barack Obama has declared April 1st Reggaeton Awareness Day, a federally observed holiday to honor the urban Latin genre.  Having completed his five-day trip throughout Latin America aimed at building markets for U.S. influence, President Obama arrived in Puerto Rico Saturday to meet with San Juan mayor Jorge Santini.

Obama, along with Mayor Santini and reggaeton artist Don Omar, announced the holiday on the steps of the San Juan City Hall.


"As a Senator working throughout the diverse streets of Chicago, I've long held an appreciation for reggaeton," stated Obama, casually dressed in a white t-shirt emblazoned with the flag of Puerto Rico.  "It was my Hispanic constituents that first introduced to me to artists like Wisin and Yandel, Don Omar, and Franco el Gorila."


Obama cited America's growing Hispanic population as one of the many reasons for the creation of the nationally-recognized day.  Popular music artist and Santurce native Don Omar was present at the event, having been announced as the official "Ambassador of Perreo" for the United States.


Speaking through an interpreter, an emotionally moved Don Omar told the 1,500 in attendance "It's an honor to serve as Ambassador," before adding, "Don't forget to request Danza Kuduro at your local radio station."


Future plans for the national day of awareness include an annual reggaeton performance at the White House.  The announcement for Reggaeton Awareness Day was made April 1st, commonly known as April Fool's Day.



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The previous article is 100% fabricated, and is merely an April Fools Day joke.