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President Barack Obama Announces National Bachata Day
April 1, 2013 at 8:00 AM ET -


Obama declares national bachata day

  President Obama with temporary extensions

United States President Barack Obama has declared April 1st "National Bachata Day," a federally recognized holiday to honor the music genre which originated in the Dominican Republic. Obama traveled to New York Friday to discuss the holiday with civic leaders. In honor of the event, Obama visited Odalis Nails & Hair in Washington Heights, where he received temporary hair extensions and styling.  Obama, along with city councilman Ydanis Rodríguez and singer Anthony "Romeo" Santos, announced the holiday Monday morning at the entrance of Malecon Restaurant.

President Obama spoke to a cheering audience and members of the press after an opening performance of "Hooked on Hookah" by local music artists Juan Bago & O. "It has come to my attention that times have become more difficult for this area," Obama stated to the crowd. "The rising price of shape-ups is just one of many concerns that I plan to address with Mayor Bloomberg this coming week." 


Popular music artist and former Aventura frontman Romeo Santos was present at the event, having been announced as the official "Bachata Ambassador" to the United States. An emotionally-moved Santos told the 900 in attendance "This  is truly an honor to serve as Ambassador," before adding, "Don't forget to nominate me for los Premios Juventud."


Future plans for the national holiday include an annual performance at the White House by Romeo Santos, Prince Royce, Xtreme, and comedian Juan Sosa.  The announcement for National Bachata Day was made April 1st, commonly known as April Fool's Day.



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The previous article is 100% fabricated, and is merely an April Fools Day joke.