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Laura Diamante & Syndicato
9/22/04 - news / Too Savvy Entertainment

Laura Diamante

Laura Diamante (our June featured artist, click here for her feature) of the all-female owned and operated Too Savvy imprint has recently been signed to Sony Latin and is now involved with the Latin Hip Hop collective known as Syndicato.


The collaborative efforts and music of Syndicato is a reflection of the artists' Latin cultures influenced by Hip-Hop, portraying their lives form the streets to the clubs

The voice of the street has always been a reflection of its people, originality and lyrics are what keep the streets listening. Syndicato's featured artists are an assembly of MCs that lyrically and creatively redefine originality and versatility within the Urban Latino culture.

Syndicato is composed of Cuatro, Diamante, Don VA, Minority, Salazar and Sito. Laura Lopez, a.k.a. "Diamante" was born in Queens, NY to Dominican parents. Her life and music are a reflection of her inner-city upbringing. In 2001, she toured with legendary Hip-Hop icon Guru, from the group "Gangstarr" for his 27-day European Jazzmatazz tour. She sings and rhymes in Spanish and English, writes her own lyrics, and co-produces much of her music.

Andres Arturo Dominguez, a.k.a. "Cuatro" was born in 1982 and raised in Westchester Miami, Florida. His earliest influences in Hip Hop come from its golden years of 94 through 97, but the Latin sounds and lingo, Salsa and Merengue where already engraved in him since his childhood.

Josue Torres, a.k.a. "Don VA" was born in Puerto Rico, his life was shaken abruptly when him and his family relocated to Florida and a series of tragic events forced him to fend for himself. VA found solace, escape and a way of expression in music as he was first exposed to Hip Hop through "Yo, MTV Raps". VA began blending thumping Hip Hop beats he heard on TV with the Caribbean rhythms in his blood, with hardcore lyrics in English and Spanish.

In 1996: Angel (Puerto Rican), Sito (Cuban) and Mike (African American) became Minority. The trio has developed a unique style of flow, rap, harmony twist through Dirty South Hip Hop, funk and pop sound. Jose Pablo Salazar a.k.a. "Salazar" was born in Miami, Florida in 1980. Rapping since the age of thirteen and forming A.O.D (Age Of Destruction) while still in high school, he realized music was his life project and began associating with artists such as Trick Daddy and Timbaland. His style flipped from English to Spanish when he realized the significant role Latinos play within the urban culture.

Ben Hur Barrero II, a.k.a. "Sito", a thrift shop clothed specimen, crazy get down beat junkie, whose outburst for music began through making beats with pots and pans at the early age of 3. With the exposure of countless performances, breakdance contests, television commercials, music videos and the sound of his urban voice on radio spots, Sito has been steadily positioning himself as an entertainment powerhouse.



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