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Batalla de Los Gallos: Hip Hop Battle in NY and Puerto Rico
9/1/05 - news / Perrealo Press Release



Batalla de los Gallos

Can you experience nine centuries of history in one night? Could you bring 4 continents together? Can urban become rural? Who will be the winner? The answers will come soon in a tropical night that will live in American and Latin American history.

Centuries ago in Africa a man arrived at a village and was surrounded by all. They came to hear this visitor sing his tales. History put to music in the words and sounds of a Griot. The best Griots were held in the highest esteem by royalty and commoners alike.

Centuries ago in Spain a man arrived at a village and was surrounded by all. They came to hear the troubadors tales of heroics, power, war and intrigue set to music. Centuries ago in the middle of the ocean two fighting cocks squared off in the cockpit of a Spanish galleon. The enthusiasm of the audience was fueled by the bets they placed with all the gold going to the winnner. A simple pastime became a tradition for the entire Latin American world.

Now these cultural traditions converge in one night in a modern musical expression; a Pan-American freestyle emcee duel rooted in the best Griot, troubador tradition but with all the pomp and ceremony of a new world cockfight. Puerto Rico plays host to the first Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos (Cockfight) in the San Juan Cockfighting Arena. The duel will be part cockfight and part pomp and circumstance to crown the new king of hip-hop en Español. Emcees from all over the Spanish speaking world; Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Spain and the United States will become modern day griots and troubadors facing off in a single elimination series in front of an international jury. 16 of the best the Hispanic world has to offer will be on hand to fight for the crown. Each encounter will follow the centuries old rules and traditions of cockfighting.

More than 600 fans will be on hand to witness the action and to cheer on their favorite and try to sway the judges decision. Who will be left standing? Who will have the last word? Who will the be the new king of el hip hop en español? It will only take one night to find out.



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