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JYareh and Atlanta's Rap/Reggaeton Sound
9/1/04 - news



Jyareh picture

ATL artist JYareh is poised to release his album "Quien Soy" on September 25th. Beats will be handled by producers such as Luny Tunes and Chase, featured artists include Notch, PaperBoyz, Pancho, Mr.Meli, Big Boy, Playa Poncho & Nicky Jam.  JYareh has shared headline billings with Fat Joe, Oro Solido, Big Boy, Monchi Y Alexandra, Grupo Niche, Puerto Rican Power, Aventura, Yoskar, Taino, Magnate & Valentino, Lito y Polaco, Daddy Yankee and Nicky Jam among others.

Born Jared Javier Gaitan, the Georgia native discovered his rap skills at the age of 16, yet several years passed before forming a group and pursuing rapping as a career. He left the group feeling that the experience inhibited his talents as he was served the role of the group's hook writer and spokesperson.

JYareh has recorded several solo tracks which can be heard throughout the Atlanta underground scene and Central America, and has performed at numerous Atlanta venues. He will appear in The Roof's Labor Day Rap & Reggaeton tour September 3rd in Atlanta, headlined by artists Mellow Man Ace and Vico C and featuring DJ Suicide, Chuly, Trivales, Taino and The Roof dancers.

Rap & Reggaeton Tour: 9/3/04 @ the Dekalb Atlanta Center

(404) 634-8886 for tickets


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