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San Jose's Playa Rae On the Grind
9/15/04 - news / Monstaville press release


Playa Rae picture

San Jose's Playa Rae returns for the 6th time in 2004, with the release of his new mixtape he displays all aspects of his talent from catchy rhyme patterns to soulful R&B hooks, including tracks such as "Hate Me" & "On The Grind".

Game savvy tracks include "Skeezer", a play on the classic track "What's On Ya Mind?" and "Dime Piece", a ladies joint over classic production by BlissIzGood.

There are drops from Chingo Bling, Fade Dogg, Flatline, Cellski, Luni Coleone, Hollowtip, Young Droop, Smigg Dirtee, I-Rocc and features from Young Cap, Mr.Kee, M-Dash of NBD, Bishop, Kilo Dirtee of the A-Team and more. Visit Playa Rae's soundclick page for samples of audio from the mixtape.

Playa Rae will be making an appearance on several projects in coming months, the releases will include SouthWestBound Magazine Presents: "We Got Next" the mixtape which features the next generation of Bay Heavyweights such as Turf Talk, A-Wax, Balance, Young Dru, Smigg Dirtee, Young Cap, Rick Moss, Mistah F.A.B., The Frontline plus more.

Other projects include the new mixtape from DJ Ritz of Tampa, Florida, entitled "Time To Take Notice From The 813 To The 713" hosted by Chamillionaire of the Color Changin Click.

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