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Trakwerk Bringing Hip Hop Back to the Bronx
9/1/04 - / Trakwerk press release

Trakwerk picture

From Trakwerk: You've just moved another shipment for the cartel, you pop yet another bottle of Cristal after parking your new Maybach next to the Bentley, you realize that you have way too much ice for any one person to wear….


what's next?

You suddenly wake up from your nightmare/hallucination in a cold sweat and realize that you've been fooled by the tricknology of "commercial rap".

Bringing it back to the basics, in the spirit of authentic Hip-Hop with meaning and purpose, TrakWerk is pleased to announce its highly anticipated debut album "TrakWerk: AFFILIATED". The album is a 21-track voyage of banging beats and street prophetical lyrical flows. You won't find any allusions to mansions, private jets or anything of the like. Bronx based TrakWerk represents the true elements of Hip-Hop in a time where the music and culture are being diluted and destroyed from both internal and external forces.

The album features the Affiliated crew, consisting of Short Fuze, DJ B4, Ed Tunes and Lex. Each of these artists/producers are individual up and coming stars in their own right who have come together under TrakWerk's Affiliated concept to put together a collection of hits for a sub-culture of purists with a vision for what Hip-Hop was founded on. This homegrown collective is a refreshing alternative to the stale commercial fabrication currently available in the mainstream media. The album also features the vocal talents of budding artists, X-Kid, Ms. Understood, Black Nick, Cap C and Machinon.

TrakWerk's sound is reminiscent of mid 90's Hip-Hop when the beats and lyrics were real and raw. When Nas was Live at the BBQ, when Wu were Gods and Mobb had everyone Shook. TrakWerk boasts that "Short Fuze their feature MC posses a flow that hasn't been heard in years, a mix between Rakim, Nas, Pun, Jada and M." Executive producers J. Sanchez and Armando "Mondo" Dominguez are focused on making their mark on the industry and plan to infuse a sense of realism and artistry back into Hip-Hop. "TrakWerk: AFFILIATED" is the first step in journey that will take the audience full circle and back to the essence of the art form

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