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Big Rich Tha Don & Chicano Movement Roots
10/6/04 - news


Big Rich tha Don picture

Dirty Dawg Recordz artist Richard V. Campos Baca aka Big Rich Tha Don prepares to make his mark in Chicano Rap, but also has his roots in the push for Chicano rights.


Big Rich is the grandson of the late Henry V. Campos, founder and former president of the AFL-CIO Local 624 located in the city of Albuquerque New Mexico.

Henry Campos was a respected figure during the Chicano movement for social justice and equality during the 1960's and 1970's labor union reform era.

Henry Campos led his fellow workers into a strike that caused the city of Albuquerque to shut down for several weeks. As a voice of the people, Campos was charged in a local court by the city of Albuquerque state of New Mexico alleging claims of damage to city property at the hands of his organization members. Campos was acquitted in the states court but was charged in the federal court system.

Big Rich Tha Don was raised by his grandfather from the age of 3 months after being abandoned by his mother and father in Colorado. Rich is a self-proclaimed real Chicano, stating that he was taught to love his culture, speak his language and be proud of who he was. "The short time I had with my grandfather Henry will last me a life time," Rich has been quoted as stating, "He taught me so much, to never bow down to another man and to respect others." Rich, who also credits his aunt for looking after him in his youth, also states "I am the new generation of an old movement bred to uphold my grandfather's dream of what it means to be a real Chicano" Be on the lookout for Big Rich's upcoming album and involvement with "Project Chicanismo".


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