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Music360 Download Store Launched
10/25/05 - news




Founded by industry players, with backgrounds at Clear Channel, the now defunct Latin music site, Jenny & Josefina Garcia and Christopher English have launched is a bilingual Spanish-English download music store and online community that focuses on the US Hispanic market. Unlike other music services who target a broad market and try to encompass every genre,'s focus is strictly on independent Latin music artists. Instead of promoting and selling the same mainstream hits that you hear every day on the radio or see on MTV, we cater to an under-served market segment, users seeking great Latin music that's outside the commercial mainstream. We cater to customers looking to discover new music.

"I tried to push back the site's launch because due to a delay at the Orchard, who are providing us with the majority of our intial catalog, we are only launching with about one fifth of the expected songs", states Musica360's cofounder, Chris English. "But the volume of email that we were receiving from people who were waiting for us to launch was tremendous so we went ahead and did it. We expect to be running at full catalog by the end of November." is one of the few major services to deliver music in the universally compatible MP3 format, the most popular and versatile digital file format. We respect our customers need for flexibility to burn unlimited cds for personal use and transfer their music to any desktop and digital music device (including the market leading iPod).



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