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"La Manteca" Bilingual Hip Hop DVD
10/25/05 - news



La Manteca news

La Manteca has been touted as first bilingual all-Latino DVD magazine dedicated to representing Latinos in urban culture and providing it's fans with interviews of the hottest Latino Hip Hop and Reggaeton stars of today and tomorrow. Since they all started on the same road, the road to the top, La Manteca will be sitting on the side that road catching them as they go by. 


Sit and watch unedited interviews with your favorite Latin Hip Hop and Reggaeton artists instead of reading them, the artists say what they want, the way they want.

Coming soon is Vol 2 "West Meets East" with Tru Life of "Roc La Familia", San Diego's Lil Rob, The Revolutionary Immortal Technique, Money L "The Money L Fur Collection, and others. Exclusive interviews with Pitbull, Frankie Needles of "The Roof" on Mun2, Big Mato, 1st Lady EL - CEO of Murda Mamis Entertainment, Wu-Tang Latino, Enemigo, La Brujua, and Ben & Ed of "The Connection Magazine."


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