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Hogg Boss reps for Salt Lake City
10/25/05 - news


rapper Hogg Boss

When thinking of Salt Lake City, Utah, hip-hop music is not the first thing that comes to mind. Local area emcee Hogg Boss hopes to change that real soon with his latest release, “It’s All Boss,” on Avatar Records distributed in the US by by Fontana/Universal. With a range of influences, including Afrika Bambata, KRS-1, 2Pac and Big Pun, Hogg's style is a blend of the hip hop community.

It's All Boss also features guest appearances from rap stars including E-40, Baby Bash, Grimm, Chingo Bling, South Park Mexican, Bosko, and Mr. Shadow, just to name a few.

A versatile lyricist, Hogg wants the world to know he is not the average Chicano rapper. Although "reppin' Mexicans to the fullest", Hogg feels his unique voice, metaphors and clever punch lines will help him to stand out amongst the sea of up and coming Latino acts.

Hogg’s love for hip-hop began at a young age, rapping over instrumentals with friends. His talents were recognized early on by his cousin, who would often brag about Hogg's skills and encourage him to take it to the next level. Unfortunately, it was not until the tragic death of his cousin in 1993 did Hogg start getting serious about rapping.

Always remembering his inspiring words to change his life and get off the streets, Hogg remembered his cousin's wishes for him to become a successful hip hop artist. Now, he not only presses on in memory of his cousin, but also as an example to his younger brother. Hogg hopes his musical accomplishments will help to serve as an alternative to gang life not only for his brother, but for youth everywhere.

“This multi-dimensional approach is sure to aid in Hogg Boss's mass appeal.” Hogg's manager, Cliff Ritchey, Jr. seems to think so too. As one of the ground-breaking facilitators of Latin rap's introduction to the mainstream music scene with the success of A Lighter Shade of Brown, Ritchey feels Hogg Boss is a seasoned artist on the verge.

Keep you ears open for "It's All Boss", on radio early September, and be sure to check out Hogg Boss's full length LP debut, It's All Boss, in stores September 27th on Avatar Records.


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