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Wu Tang Latino teams up with Honda
10/25/05 - news


Rayroq Acosta (Pres. of Wu Latino) does it again.

Wu-Tang Latino’s first artists, Los Yo Yais, will be shooting their first music video for the leading single “Mamita Ven” on Oct. 22 (Saturday) in New York, NY.

The video, which is said to be a “mini-movie” will be sponsored by car manufacturer Honda. This is the first time an Automobile company has done this with any Latin label.

History will be made as Honda will debut the new line of 2006 Honda Civics. “Mamita Ven” will be a mini-movie/music video that will feature Wu-Tang Latino President Ray Acosta as a debonair mafia boss who calls on two of his street soldiers (Los Yoyais’ Shown Black & NP Killa) to take his two nieces on a fun filled day around New York City. After a fun filled day the girls decide they don’t want to return home and they sneak off with Shown Black and NP Killa, an act that doesn’t sit to well with their uncle. “We are going to make history” stated Ray Acosta. ““Los Yo Yais are an incredible talent who are bringing a refreshing, soulful ingredient to reggaeton. Honda recognizes that and they understand our legacy as Wu-Tang and have decided to join us in making this video and in turn they will be able to introduce their new line of vehicles to a growing demographic. By Honda backing this project it will allow us to create a mini-movie and take reggaeton music videos to whole new level. We are happy to be pioneering this movement and hopefully this will open up doors for corporate sponsorships of urban-latin-based music.”

The video will also feature a guest appearance from The RZA as well as other Wu-Tang artist. Mamita Ven will be produced by Pure Productions, LLC and directed by Edwin Decena who has collaborated with Ray Acosta on past projects. “I believe that Los Yo Yais are truly gifted artists with flair of creating innovative music and commercially appealing lyrics. An attempted video adaptation of the song should be a healthy alternative to reggaeton, while bringing Wu-Tang Latino to the forefront of the reggaeton movement.

The music video will also feature Honda’s new line of Civics that will be in display at the SEMA Car Show in Las Vegas, NV on November 1st. The shooting for the music video is set to begin on October 22,2005 and will be shot in New York City.


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