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Cuban Link Press Junket in Puerto Rico with Photos
10/20/04 - news

Puerto Rico was the setting of the recent press junket to announce the upcoming release of Cuban Link's album "Chain Reaction", and was there on the scene to bring you the latest info. M.O.B Records, headed by established promoters Artie Pabon and Mickey Toro, flew down over 60 members of the hip hop media to a five-star resort nestled along Coco Beach just outside of San Juan for an opportunity to Meet Cuban and get the scoop on his album. Guests enjoyed deluxe suites, free gourmet dining, open bars, swimming, sun and more on the beautiful island.

Cuban's entourage included road manager Gilly and members of his own imprint CLK Records: Figgaraw, One Solo and Monkey. A wide variety of magazine and television journalists were given the opportunity to listen to tracks from the upcoming album, with commentary by Cuban Link throughout the event.

Guest artists on the LP include Jadakiss, Game of G-Unit, Peedi Crack, Triple Seis, Baby Pun and Mya with production by Swizz Beats, Tiger, Humma and others.

Continuing into the weekend, MOB Records and Cuban stopped by the historic Bacardi Factory with members of the invited media before returning to the resort for a live performance later that evening, including surprise appearances by songbirds Mya and Syleena Johnson. Puerto Rico's top DJ, Richie Rich, kept the crowd moving after the show with back to back rap, dancehall and reggaeton blends. Stay tuned to LatinRapper for more details on Chain Reaction in the future.


Cuban Link lounging at Puerto Rico resort lobby image

Cuban Link lounging @ resort lobby


Cuban Link in Puerto Rico image


Cuban Link invisible guns image


Cuban Link with platinum iced out MOB Records piece and chain image


Cuban Link scarface tattoo image


cuban link with mickey toro and artie pabon of MOB Records at listening party image

(l-r) Cuban and M.O.B. Records owners Mickey Toro &

Artie Pabon at Chain Reaction listening party in Puerto Rico


Cuban Link talks about Chain Reaction CD image

Cuban speaks about Chain Reaction at

the listening party in Puerto Rico


Cuban Link with the CLK members and associates after listening party image

Cuban with CLK members & associates after listening party


Cuban Link road manager Gilly with Mickey Rosenberg Toro image

Cuban Link road manager & former Pun r.m. Gilly (left)

with M.O.B. Records owner Mickey Toro @ listening party


Cuban Link gets a gift bottle at the Bacardi Factory in Puerto Rico image

Cuban Link gets a gift bottle while the bartender shows how

to mix drinks @ the Bacardi Factory in Puerto Rico


Cuban Link gives a live performance at Pardisus resort Puerto Rico image

Cuban Link gives a live performance @ the resort in Puerto Rico


Cuban Link shouts out Big Pun image

Cuban shows love in 'Letter to Pun'

"Before I take a shot, I always make

a toast to the sky"


Mya and Cuban Link perform Sugar Daddy image

Mya takes the stage to perform "Sugar Daddy"


Cuban Link kissing the hand of Mya image

Cuban plays gentleman to Mya on stage


Monkey dances next to Syleena Johnson image

Monkey of CLK Records shows Syleena Johnson

how he does the Monkey dance


Sicialian rapper Figgaraw image

Sicilian rapper and hypeman Figgaraw of

CLK Records warms up the crowd


Cuban Link pink and blue lacoste polo shirt image

Cuban wraps up the show in Puerto Rico


All photos Copyright 2004

All photos by Mitsuyo - Kiyoka Miyazaki


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