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Latin Rap Pioneer Gerardo Releases 180
10/20/04 - Press Release


rapper Gerardo picture

A native of Ecuador, Gerardo Mejia helped pioneer Latin rappers getting mainstream appeal with his hit 1991 hit single "Rico Suave". Gerardo is back renewed, reborn and refreshed. "This time we're giving it our all. I'm here once again, yall," stated the artist when he presented his new album "180," the Univision Records CD/DVD that marks the reactivation of an artist that presents what could very well be the best album of his life.

More mature, relaxed observing and wiser, Gerardo's 180 is an inaugurating positive Christian Rap, his new wave, a new musical proposition in which a renewed man reflects on his own life and his past. This new sound is the bright hope of a better future.

The first promotional single is titled "Suena [Dream]. A person who dreams, states Gerardo, forms his own destiny, because "the world is at your reach." But he warns, "you have to stay positive and fight for good and sincere causes."

The 180 of Gerardo's album are also a crucial part of his new image and music proposition, because he's changed completely and places himself exactly in the opposite side of his previous reality, in the opposite end of the spectrum: "I'm turning my back to a world that has given me everything; wealth and women. I've done just about everything but I slipped in a major way. Now I realize one thing: what matters most are the simple things in life, love, the invisible things, faith, truth and all that comes from the heart".

180 is a 12 track CD including two alternate versions of Suena: a reggaeton version and a Banda version produced by Urban Regional champs Crooked Stilo. This album marks his sixth production, following two Spanish rap albums and three in English. He has participated as an actor in 11 films and has been an A&R record executive in the urban music genre, where he signed pop star sensation Enrique Iglesias to an English record label and catapulted his career to global stardom.

When asked why he would go back to the recording studio and record 180 after such a successful career as a record exec, his response is immediate, he felt he owed it to himself: "I needed to talk about deeper things. The album has very profound lyrics that get to the heart. This is why people are already reacting. Univision Music Group is backing me up 100%, and we're putting all our heart and soul to it."

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