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Hip Hop Has a new Latino mag with "Bridgez"
11/7/05 - news / Bridgez press release


Bridgez magazine

Latino CO-FOUNDER'S Charlie Nunez, Publisher and Ariel Gonzalez, Editor-In-Chief launch Bridgez Magazine; Hip-Hop's Latino connection. Reggaeton superstar Daddy Yankee graces the inaugural cover, while the inside documents not only Yankee's meteoric rise, but Hip-Hop legend DMC's latest bombshell.  


Never before has a magazine delved into the world of Hip-Hop through the eyes of Latinos.


Bridgez invites readers to discover Jay-Z's newest empire - Roc La Familia, glance into G-Units most loyal member Tony Yayo and celebrate the life of the late great Big Pun. With its brilliant writing and vibrant photos, Bridgez offers readers an experience like no other publication on newsstands. Coupled with the ever-growing Latino population is its cultural Infusion into Hip-Hop.

It is imperative that we have a tool to connect the two cultures; Bridgez is that tool. Now, the dream that high school classmates Ariel Gonzalez and Charlie Nunez developed in the hallways of NYC's Art & Design has come to fruition in their New York, Soho office space.

“Bridgez is for anyone interested in the rich culture of Hip-Hop. Bridgez is not just a Latino magazine, and it is not just another Hip-Hop magazine, it is the combination of the two. So while you will see a large amount of Latino content (which is written in English), we still plan to include everyone who is hot or that has that buzz.” says Charlie Nunez,Publisher. "With so many Hip-Hop publications out, not one has catered directly to Latinos, Until now... Bridgez will be that connection" stated Ariel Gonzalez, Editor-in-Chief

Distribution markets include Fifty two thousand units through markets such as New York, Miami, Chicago, Texas and California.



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