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Latinologues: A Latino Production You Can't Miss
11/7/05 - Review by by Amen ( for



Itís difficult to put into words just how incredible it was to see a Latino production featured on Broadway. An event created by Latinos, and inspired by the Latino experience in America isnít exactly something youíd expect to see on a platform thatís typically dedicated to extravagant musical productions, and other things of the sort.  With a witty script, talented actors, and a realistic but respectful view of Latino stereotypes, Latinologues is definitely worth the price of admission.


In fact, itís worth paying again when you decide to see it a second time after telling friends and family about it.

The four actors, Rick Najera, Eugenio Derbez, Rene Lavan, and Shirley A. Rumierk, master their roles in the play as they converse with, and monologue their lives and experiences to the crowd. The cast takes on numerous characters from different Latino backgrounds ranging from a southern Mexican-American Border Patrol officer (Najera) an aggressive and hostile Miss Puerto Rican Day Parade winner (Rumierk) to a proud Dominican janitor who ended up in his occupation because he was no good at baseball (Lavan), and more. While many ethnic stereotypes are explored for comedic value, the intention of the show isnít to exploit Latinos purely for entertainment value. Legitimate issues and injustices find their way into the words of the actors. When watching the show, itís evident that the roles of these characters were very carefully crafted, with the actors mastering everything, down to the mannerisms of the different Latinos, accents, and dialects of the language.

Perhaps the most impressive talent of these performers was their skillful control of the audience while making us laugh coupled with the ability to change the tone to a more serious one. Cuban stereotypes would send the audience into fits of laughter, but just as quickly, the actors could generate a meaningful applause for detailing the strength of the Cuban people for living under the conditions on their native island. Anything that can inspire two extremes of emotion in such a clever, thoughtful, and entertaining manner is certainly worthy of respect. If youíre a Latino, you should, without a doubt, see this show; and if youíre not, donít worry Ė the actors make sure you donít feel left out.

Latinologues now showing in NYC with other locations in the U.S. coming soon

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