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Yolanda Perez Merging Hip Hop and Banda
11/7/05 - Press Release

Yolanda Perez

She has been a pioneer and will continue to be one. Yolanda Perez was the first of her generation that mixed hip-hop with banda, and everybody applauded it, even the press in English. Now she continues moving ahead, this time presenting her new production "Esto Es Amor", which brings reggaetón and Mexican regional banda, the most innovating proposal that is moderate in resonant successes.

With the support of her record company and a team of producers including her eight year old younger sister to take part in, “para seleccionar este repertorio, le puse las canciones a mi pequeña hermana Selena; y por ella, por su reacción, fui sabiendo el gusto de los niños.

Tiene muy buen oído. El trabajo de mis productores y los consejos de mis padres también me ayudaron”, says the artist when presenting the new production. With its new single "Como Quieras, Cuando Quieras" a danceable cut, Yolanda opens the doors of Banda to Reggaeton and the rhythm gets patched to your ears. Through its flavor and consistency the 'cocktail' that results is rich and becomes, in an immediate manner, a great success in the race of an artist to whom has been described no longer like a promise but like the cautious reality within her musical genre.

In the track "Como Quieras, Cuando Quieras" there is participation the well-known reggaeton artist Adassa, as an invited guest. Speaking of its new production "Esto Es Amor" the album has 10 unreleased tracks. The only one cover corresponds to the new version of the ballad "Todavía Duele", originally by Nelson Ned: "Me encanta grabar cosas nuevas. Para mí no es ningún riesgo, es mejor ser la interprete que hace funcionar algo nuevo, algo que se canta por primera vez".

The CD incorporates a total of three songs that fuse banda with reggaetón. In order to continue advancing through the way of the Hip-Hop of her two previous albums and pleasing her fans, Yolanda Perez returns to the genre, skillfully mixing with the sweetness of her voice in a song called "Hoy Te Digo Adiós".

"Estoy segura que le van a encantar al público. Además, nos atrevimos a hacer esta fusión de banda y reggaetón. Antes ya habíamos hecho banda y hip-hop. Esto es nuevo. Grabamos en Los Angeles. Pero las bases rítmicas del reggaetón se hicieron en la costa este", stated Pérez.



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