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DJ Efn Mixtapes
5/21/04 - news

DJ EFN, "Miami's mixtape king" is set to release his 30th mixtape volume. Not just another mixtape, Volume 30 is a symbol of 10 years of EFN's work with mixtapes. Volume 30 will include a DVD with live performances, exclusive interviews, and videos featuring such artists as David Banner, Sean Paul, Trick Daddy, Ghostface, Mobb Deep, Nore, Tha Liks, Pitbull and others. EFN has been a constant trendsetter not only in Miami but within the hip hop community, earning him recognition on MTV, Rap City, MUN2, and on pages of such publications as The Source magazine and Ozone. He is also 2002's "Best new mixtape DJ" at Justo's mixtape awards, and 2003's "Best mixtape DJ" at Miami's urban entertainment awards.

EFN is a member of the world famous Tech.Nitions family. He also runs and operates Crazy Hood Productions which includes a marketing & Promotions company, Crazy Sounds Record pool, and a management company which manages up & coming artists such as Garcia, DA ALL, & Heckler.

Many of the tracks on Volume 30 were exclusively produced for this mixtape. The CD has guest appearances by Midi Mafia, Wyclef, CNN, Lil Jon, Bun B (UGK), Grafh, Pitbull, DirtBag, as well as new music by Mos Def, David Banner, Skillz, Kardinal Official and many others. 



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