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Locura Terminal Debut Album
3/17/05 - news / Fonovisa press release

Locura Terminal picture

Fonovisa Records welcomes to its artist roster a powerful and highly notorious hip-hop/urban regional act Locura Terminal that loosely translates as ‘terminal madness.  Their debut album titled “Infierno A La Gloria” (‘from hell to glory’) is a musical journey that portrays a true mosaic of the life experiences as seen through the eyes of its young members (all are in early twenties).

‘Big Tank’ (Tanque), ‘Schizo’ (Skizofrenico), and ‘Camouflage’ (Camuflaje) three friends who together have been making music since they were 14 years old.

The groups’ musical influences range from Run DMC, Big Punisher, 2Pac, old school grupero acts like Los Terricolas to Regional Mexican legend Joan Sebastian. Living in a bi-cultral environment of Mexican origin parents the friends where exposed to a diverse musical spectrum at home and among their friends at school.Not afraid to speak the truth or the reality of life in the streets, Locura Terminal is known for their strong language lyrical content that mirrors ‘real life’ in the streets. Their personal choice is not to water down their lyrical message, as they opt to write what they see and hear in the streets. This practice has allowed them to create a name for themselves and gain the respect of their musical peers.

On “Infierno A La Gloria”, Locura Terminal sets completely loose by recording 12 hard hitting tracks voicing through their lyrics controversial topics such as abortion on the song “Aborto”, gang fights on “Somos Perrones”, the hip-hop norteño track “Me Vale Madre” features special musical contribution of popular Regional Mexican act Oro Norteño and the title track that address the basic survival of the fittest on the streets.

These three friends came together in 1998 in their native city of Oxnard, California all sharing a common dream of freely expressing their mind through their music. Since then Locura Terminal has stuck to their principles and become one of the leading Southern California Latin hip-hop groups who communicate their views through their music and without compromise.

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